SEGA News Bits: Shenmue 3 First Teaser Trailer Discussion

Just the other day the PlayStation YouTube account unleashed the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Shenmue 3 game and it sure got mixed reactions. Some people thought it was the worse thing they have ever seen, others thought it looked amazing. We decided to wait at least a day before doing a SEGA News Bits because I feel like the teaser trailer had so much that we needed to process. On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we discuss the lack of facial animations, graphics and the new Shenmue 3 logo. But let us know what you think of the first Shenmue 3 teaser trailer in the comments below.

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One response to “SEGA News Bits: Shenmue 3 First Teaser Trailer Discussion

  1. Player1 says:

    Haven’t checked this yet but “may” do.

    However having your Shenmue 3 coverage track record in mind I must give you my honest feedback about Sega bits in the eyes of some of us.

    You guys been rushing to react so negative about every Shenmue 3 news which can hurt this SEGA owned IP. This may also cause Shenmue and SEGA fans not to trust you easily since some of your Shenmue 3 posts look like click bait or rage bait. (Reminds me of corrupt outlets like Kotaku)

    If you keep writing uneducated opinions it will shrink down your audience sooner or later, I suggest to be patience, caring and toughtful, do proper research, and educate yourselves about the unique complexities of each project to write helpfulconstructive contents rather than prejudices or baseless comparisons.

    As a silent lurker of your site for many years now, I suggest you to be more fair to gain quality followers. Have a nice day.

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