An official online SEGA Shop is coming soon for the Americas

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In the latest Sonic Official stream, it was announced that SEGA will soon be launching a SEGA shop which will feature new official merchandise spanning apparel, accessories, collectibles, costumes and home decor. One example of collectibles included limited edition pins. The shop will initially launch with a limited number of SEGA brands, including Sonic, SEGA Genesis, Golden Axe and Shinobi. After the shop opens, brands will expand. So when does this launch? Expect the store to open next Tuesday at

Currently the shop will serve the Americas only, but a UK shop is in the works apparently. What would you like to see at the SEGA Shop? Sound off in the comments below!



3 responses to “An official online SEGA Shop is coming soon for the Americas

  1. Mary Townsend says:


  2. Deefy says:

    Yep! It’s a first important step, although I hope that SEGA will launch an online shop for the whole of Europe in the near future, and possibly, but this seems to me perhaps too much to ask, which is up to the Japanese one, with the due distinction and limitations.

  3. Rick2Tails says:

    Merch with Tails on it or Sticks

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