Sonic Forces prequel comic PDF contains hidden art – Infinite unmasked!

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.47.08 AM

Opening the Sonic Forces: Moment of Truth digital comic PDF files in Photoshop reveals an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the production process, and reveals some hidden art – including a peek at Infinite without his mask! It seems when saving the files out, the layers weren’t flattened and hidden layers weren’t removed. As such, it is possible to remove word balloons, line art, colors and characters.

Also, the cover art contains what appear to be alternate cover art sketches featuring Eggman, The Phantom Ruby (as seen in Sonic Mania) and an unmasked Infinite with a dagger. Other art includes an alternate cover sketch of the Custom Hero and Chaotix, art of Knuckles and Silver looking surprised and art of Shadow, Omega (confirming his inclusion in the game?) and Infinite.

Check out the hidden art after the break!

SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_Cover_1507582264 2 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_Cover_1507582264 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_Cover_1507582264 5 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_Cover_1507582264 4 SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_Cover_1507582264 3


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