SEGA’s new A Certain Magical Virtual-On trailer shows off animated cutscenes, more gameplay

SEGA has unleashed a brand new trailer for the upcoming A Certain Magical Virtual-On, a crossover game featuring A Certain Magical Index and Virtual-On. The new trailer, which is a bit over 5 minutes in length will give you a look at the in-game characters you get to team up with, a glimpse at the in-game villain and even show you what the in-game animated cutscenes look like!

Personally, as a SEGA fan, I don’t care too much for the anime tie-in and happy that the gameplay looks likeVirtual-On with A Certain Magical Index being used to carry the story. One of the things that Virtual-On doesn’t have is good characterizations to make a story around. I’m sure the story will be silly, but hey, its Virtual-On, no whining! A Certain Magical Virtual-On hits Japan on February 15, 2018 only on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. No Western release for this title has been confirmed, as of right now.

[Via: Dengekionline]


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