Sonic Mania Original Soundtrack “Selected Edition” hits iTunes

If you have been waiting to get yourself the digital version of the Sonic Mania soundtrack, written by Tee Lopes, you are in luck. The Sonic Mania Original Soundtrack (Selected Edition) has now hit iTunes (USA link here). The soundtrack features 47 tracks, seems that old tracks that would require a royalty fee have been left out. Notice Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone missing. I guess you can let me know in the comments below. The soundtrack is priced at £14.99 or $15.99! The Sonic Mania soundtrack also got a vinyl release by Data Disc, obviously featuring less tracks. No excuses not to promote good video game music.

Above I linked to a interview with had with Tee Lopes regarding his amazing work on the Sonic Mania soundtrack. If you are a fan of his music, give it a listen!


3 responses to “Sonic Mania Original Soundtrack “Selected Edition” hits iTunes

  1. mindreader says:

    The only songs that are missing are the ones that would’ve involved SEGA paying royalties to Masato Nakamura, aka no Green Hill, Chemical Plant, or Oil Ocean from what I can tell.

  2. Eric Rodriguez says:

    Doesn’t SEGA own the rights of the Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Oil Ocean songs? Because it’s odd that the remixed songs are missing. They credit Masato Nakamura in the staff credits in Mania.

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