House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn location test footage hits the net, looks amazing

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn was just announced four days ago and its already already getting location testing in Japan. Thankfully for us, Throwback Tokyo has captured some of the first footage of the game in action for us that live outside of Japan. The game shows off a cutscene featuring  the new main protagonist Ryan Taylor and returning protagonist from House of the Dead 4 Kate Green. It seems from the little dialogue that we have gotten that this game takes place after the events of House of the Dead 4, making it a direct continuation.

Just like the past House of the Dead games, the game is voiced in English and has Japanese subtitles (instead of getting Japanese VO). For those of you wondering, yes, the voice work is super cheesy just like the classics. Personally, you can’t have a good House of the Dead game if it doesn’t feel like a cheesy B movie and so far from the little footage shown, this game is hitting its marks. According to other online users that went to play House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, SEGA had a survey asking users if they would be interested in a console port. I will have to say, hell yeah!

We also got more footage by YouTube user SpeedBeatz, while its not as good quality as the one above, this one has a lot more footage:

What are your thoughts on the early footage of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn?


5 responses to “House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn location test footage hits the net, looks amazing

  1. Giga_Force says:

    I’m definitely hoping for a console port! You know what would be amazing? If they give us The House of the Dead 1-4 as unlockables (yeah, the Saturn version wasn’t the best, but what about porting the PC version over?).

  2. RushDawg says:

    A Switch port seems like a total no brainer. The joy cons would make great light gun controllers.

  3. G says:

    Needs to come to Sony VR/PS4, PC and XBox X. Wouldn’t want a crappy cut back Switch port of those lush Unreal 4 visuals.

    Game looks amazing

  4. ash says:


    Hope SEGA will release a console version and a compilation for the oldest games (including the Spin-off Zombie Revenge)

  5. Sestren Rk'd says:

    Great to see the House is back!

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