House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn announced for arcades


SEGA Interactive has just announced House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn for arcades. They have confirmed that there will be location testing from January 19 to the 21st at SEGA Akihabara Building 3 in Tokyo, Japan.

This release will mark a return of the franchise to the Arcades, the last main entry being The House of the Dead 4 back in 2005. In 2009 we got the console exclusive The House of the Dead: Overkill, which was mean’t to be a prequel and had a different take on the series.

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is confirmed to be running on Unreal Engine 4 and has confirmed it will get a theater-style deluxe arcade cabinet which will have vibrating seats. The cabinet will also use motion sensors. Who knows, maybe if VR catches on, SEGA can have a easy port on their hands.

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6 responses to “House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn announced for arcades

  1. Conversus says:

    More interest in HotD is always good. I play the first one almost every day on my computer using my light gun hooked up to an external monitor. Can’t wait to try this game if it gets exported to the US in Dave & Buster’s locations. The cabinet looks thrilling, as does that boss in the pics. I see too many Walking Dead games in our arcades nowadays, lol. I want House of the Dead back!

  2. Harlemknight116 says:

    Sega is on a roll for this year, so far! Now, I hope a new Virtua Fighter is next.

  3. segamon says:

    Wow, this is awesome! I am hoping that I get to play it soon!

  4. DCGX says:

    This would be creepy as hell in VR!

  5. ossie says:

    hopefully well get it on pc this time!!

  6. Firzanwolfred24 says:

    OMG omg omg omg hotd my love has returned to me!!! Can’t wait for a home console version here but might as well play the arcade version first beater the 1,2,3 ad almost killed the world from hotd 4before he strikes me with his dragon ice

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