Panzer Dragoon Saga creator shares ideas for a remake


Panzer Dragoon Saga celebrates its 20th year anniversary and The Ringer did a great retrospect looking at past comments by series creator Yukio Futatsugi (who also worked on Crimson Dragon) talking about our cult favorite SEGA series. One of the questions highlighted, now that the game has turned 20 years old, was what he would change or add if he was to do a remake:

 “Make it open-world and as much as possible allow the player to make their own choices,make a strong correlation between the characters’ responses and behaviors and the player’s actions, so that the characters change depending on the player’s choices.”

Yukio Futatsugi also added that he would want to add a big online component to the game, which he explained:

“Also, I think there would be online communication. I have an image of each player’s game content like a different parallel world.”

While we are all tempted about the possibility of Panzer Dragoon Saga remake, akin to the one Sony is doing for Shadow of the Colossus, Futatsugi did say that there aren’t any plans to revive the franchise at SEGA.


He also did talk about the differences the game would have if they made it on a platform like PlayStation 4 compared to the SEGA Saturn:

“On PlayStation the colors are more bright, and on Saturn the colors are cloudier, So to express the atmosphere of Panzer, it was necessary to have the color palette of the Saturn.” 

I would ask you guys what you guys thought about a Panzer Dragoon Saga remake, but I think i’d just be preaching to the choir here. I do know that SEGA has lost the source code, so having a port isn’t possible and I would be OK with a remake. But its hard when you mess with a classic like this, but I’m always open for more Panzer Dragoon even if its just a remake of Saga.


8 responses to “Panzer Dragoon Saga creator shares ideas for a remake

  1. itsstillthinking says:

    A man can dream

  2. T1BillionX says:

    The series deserve remakes. Sad the source code is gone, but that opens the door for a remake.

  3. Robbie says:

    Assuming it’s okay to ask, what emulator was used for that screenshot?

  4. Hitrax says:

    The Sega Saturn will always have eternal value now that the source code is claimed to be lost, as it will forever be the only true way to experience the original game as it was originally intended.

  5. Blevin says:

    “just” a remake of Saga…

  6. I’d be very happy with either, or both.

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