George’s Corner: Who owns the Bayonetta IP?

I’ve been trying to do a ‘news series’ of videos to work on my on camera persona. This is my second video I’ve done and since this has something to do with SEGA, I decided I could share it here. Again, this is more of a test than anything. Yes, I got a click baity thumbnail.

I’m still learning and trying to improve and the idea for the show is that I’ll cover four to five stories, 3 times a week. If you want to help out by giving me a sub, that would be great too. Thanks!


2 responses to “George’s Corner: Who owns the Bayonetta IP?

  1. Debonair says:

    Do get tired of people saying things like Sega and Nintendo should buy each other out vice versa, what’s the point? The great thing about companies being themselves and independent is that they make the industry a far more interesting one for their differences, they all have their own personality types, corporate styles and ambitions, the competitive atmosphere between them not only makes the industry a richer place with flair but it greatly benefits us all as the consumers too, everyone wins.

    Sega and Nintendo are more different than people realize ~

  2. Elly says:

    George bro what the hell are you doing this is our domain news like:
    Sega, Atlus, Creative Assembly etc etc.
    Why on Space channel you are reporting other news besides above companies😢.

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