Shin Megami Tensei V enters full scale development


Shin Megami Tensei V producer Kazuyuki Yamai had a interview with where he shared details about the upcoming game. One of the notable tidbits was that the has entered full scale development.

Gematsu translated the following tidbits:


  • The several core staff that the game started with early in its development is gradually increasing. While more and more people continue to sign on, Atlus has rounded up a considerable amount of staff, and it feels like we have reached a turning point where we can say the game is actually “in the making.”
  • As the first console game in a long time, Atlus wants to create grand content that people can thoroughly enjoy playing on their TV.
  • On the otherhand, Atlus also wants to include a carefreeness only a handheld system can provide, like enjoying demon fusion while laying down.
  • The goal is a title made for both a console and a handheld.
  • Atlus wants to include a lot of demons, as well as make a game suited to the hardware’s specifications.
  • Three times the amount of effort is being put into demons compared to previous titles.

Shin Megami Tensei V is heading for the Nintendo Switch, yet we don’t have a release window yet. Maybe 2019? Maybe 2020? Who knows with how long Atlus Japan takes on their games.




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