SEGA ranked 3rd best publisher of 2017 by Metacritic


The people over at Metacritic has ranked the best publishers of 2017, determined by the quality of titles released during the 2017 calendar year. SEGA came in 3rd only being beaten by Bethesda Software and Nintendo. According to Metacritic, SEGA’s average score for the year was 75.5%! The worse rated game was Valkyria Revolution with a 55% score and the best was Bayonetta on PC with a 90%. SEGA bested big publishers like Activision Blizzard, Capcom, Ubisoft, Sony, and Square-Enix.

This is more proof that SEGA has been heading down the right direction since they had their huge restructure back in 2015 and got their new CEO Haruki Satomi who promised to earn gamer’s trust again by releasing more high quality software. What are your thoughts on SEGA’s output in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!


6 responses to “SEGA ranked 3rd best publisher of 2017 by Metacritic

  1. Bertodecosta says:

    Good job ! Back then, they’re used to be the first, thanks to M2.

  2. Ikagura says:

    Why is there Sonic Forces here?

  3. Great job SEGA! Maybe this year SEGA will climb onto first!

  4. Oken says:

    SEGA fighting! Seriously though this is nice to see, hope they can continue to rise.

  5. TDixpix says:

    Sonic Forces is there because it’s impolite to excuse one child from the family photo — even if they are a spoiled failure.

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