SEGA Games CEO talks to CNBC about demand for retro SEGA consoles

CNBC had a interview with SEGA Games young CEO Haruki Satomi where he discussed what SEGA was up to in modern times and talked about fan demand for SEGA retro consoles. According to Satomi, he specifically gets a lot of demand for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. We know the company just announced SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Classics for PS4, Xbox One and PC. When pressed by the interviewer if SEGA had plans for a retro console, he said:

“Depending on fans request… if we hear more request and its a reasonable business for us then it might happen in the future.”Haruki Satomi, CEO of SEGA Games

A really cool part of the interview is Haruki Satomi discussing what ‘Nintendo has done right with AR, like Pokemon Go’ (which is weird because Pokemon Go isn’t created by Nintendo), then Satomi goes into talking about SEGA doing VR first back in the mid-90s. While its cool to see CNBC do a interview with Haruki Satomi, I would have loved if they had someone that knows more about SEGA interview him. You know, like us?


12 responses to “SEGA Games CEO talks to CNBC about demand for retro SEGA consoles

  1. Pso2love says: Updated my petition to address Haruki Satomi, CEO of SEGA Games.

  2. Bertodecosta says:

    And that’s guys,, how a CEO to say no politely.

  3. Dennis Livingston says:

    I would buy a mini Dreamcast in a heartbeat. Hell i’d probably buy two or three.

  4. molul says:

    Like Sega hasn’t received millions of requests for retro consoles since the NES mini was released. This is a kind “no”. Of course there’s business and demand.

  5. mokujin says:


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    do not hesitate to translate it can be worth it

  6. I_Miss_Sega_of_Old says:

    This is the same response we get all the time, “if there’s demand from the fans, we’ll consider it.” At this point, Sega is just attention whoring. That’s all they crave now, because if they had half a brain, they’d know demand for this has been around for ages!

  7. Eck says:

    This is from a year ago, isn’t it?

  8. petitevieille says:

    It’s too soon to publish any news about it. But SEGA will someday release information about the SEGA PHOENIX. Be patient.

  9. The longer SEGA keeps us waiting, the more people will want it leading to more sales. Be patient guys GOD!

  10. Randall Stricklin says:

    It’s weird he didn’t mention the AtGames Genesis Flashback consoles. They aren’t manufactured by Sega, but they are done with the license from Sega.

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