SEGA shows off what they have in store for SEGA Fes 2018

SEGA will hold a big event, partly to celebrate its history as a gaming company and another part to show off what they have in store for the future. SEGA Fes 2018 is mean’t to run from April 14 to 15 in Tokyo. One of the big events they will be holding is allowing vistors to play SEGA Mega Drive classics on a big Mega Drive controller. The big Mega Drive controller play will take place on the first day of the event.

April 14 games playable:

  • 10:00-13:00 JP time: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • 13:15-16:00 JP time: Puyo Puyo
  • 16:15-19:00 JP time: Bare Knuckle II (aka Streets of Rage 2)

On April 15, you will be able to replay these games on the big Mega Drive controller, but they will start in backwards (Streets of Rage 2 at 10, ending with Sonic the Hedgehog at 18:00). But that isn’t all, this is just one floor, the next floor they have is the ‘SEGA logo monument floor’.


The SEGA logo Monument Floor is bound to make all SEGA fans giddy, with its arcade history set up featuring playable Virtua Fighter 2 and Daytona USA cabinets.


SEGA will also be showing off its future games with Atlus, on this floor they will have the ‘New game trial section’ where users can try out Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night , Persona 4 Dancing Star Night and Kotodaman RPG.


Are you hungry? SEGA will be selling C.P. Candy Akihabara Puyo Puyo themed cotton candy at the event. According to SEGA, supplies will be limited!


SEGA will also be celebrating the 30th Anniversary for the SEGA Mega Drive and 20th Anniversary for the SEGA Dreamcast at this event, letting people play games on actual hardware. As for what games will be playable, we don’t know yet.


SEGA Group Street Floor (2F)

While the other floor has a ton of console goodness, SEGA’s second floor is celebrating the ‘Amazing Experiences’ SEGA is delivering in arcades including its SLDS-3G (SEGA Logistics Riding Simulator) giving users real world driving experience. They will also be featuring Darts Live 3 machine which will have a Persona themed dart game at the event.


[Source: SegaFes site]


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