What franchise can SEGA resurrect that would excite you?

Its hard being SEGA, the company has a long history of delivering cult classic games and continuously moving on. This has lead to the company always being ‘ahead of its time’ due to them giving their developers freedom and always moving forward, but it also makes older fans miss key franchisees. For example there is a huge fanbase for franchises like Jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Shining Force (original, not whatever we have now), Shinobi, OutRun, Phantasy Star, Virtua Fighter, and honestly the list can go on forever.

But the question here is, what franchise would you love to see SEGA resurrect?

We all have different tastes, so it should be interesting to read what you guys want. Personally, I have a hard time picking one franchise. Its like trying to pick which one of your kids you like best. Can I want them all? I guess if you forced me into a corner it would be cool to have a legit follow-up to OutRun 2. But what about you?


58 responses to “What franchise can SEGA resurrect that would excite you?

  1. Pally says:

    I’d love to see a new chapter in the Phantasy Star series. I want to see the series go back to its roots.

    A Followup to Outrun 2 would be pretty awesome too. I loved the game in the arcade and on PS2, and i was sad that America missed out on Online Arcade on PS3.

    • Tdixpix says:

      Seconded — I’d like to see them give Reiko Kodama something decent to work on. Preferably a return to character driven, mature plot, single player role playing. I love how the original series mixed a bright veneer with a dark subplot, but didn’t have brooding, self conflicted characters like Evangelion’s Shinji mucking it up with their adolescent nonsense.

    • Flagship says:

      Candidly speaking Shenmue 1 and 2 were the ones I’ve pleaded and begged for the longest. Outside of that, much of what I like has been ported, rereleased or made backwards compatible to some extent on modern console systems.

      Maybe Skies of Arcadia? TBF though what would make me more excited is a sequel with revamped gameplay. I’m thinking something along the lines valkyria chronicles in terms of scale.

    • Ikagura says:

      I would also like it but I’m sure Sega has gone full F2P mmo with PSO2
      Even PS Nova (which was more or less a single player RPG in this serie) didn’t work well…
      Maybe they’ll do a spinoff or make a new IP with the classic Phantasy star in mind.

    • That’s a really good one. Something localized to the West.

    • Miguel says:

      Dragon Force, Panzer Dragoon, Fighters Mega Mix, Skies of Arcadia, Streets of Rage, Thunder Force, Shinobi, Altered Beast and Virtual On.

  2. Limecatcher says:

    Streets of Rage
    Jet Set Radio
    Samba de Amigo
    and Ristar.

  3. Vamphaery says:

    Skies. Of. Arcadia. 🙂

    And yes, OutRun, and Panzer Dragoon really deserve resurrections and would do well in today’s digital market imo.

  4. Nero says:

    Ya’ll honestly need to get your bias out of the gutter when it comes to the what we have for the Shining series now. It’s fine to prefer it over what we have now. Which one someone thinks is better is all a matter of preferance. But to describe it as “whatever we have now” is so petty. Grow up.

    • Masayuki says:

      Totally agree with Nero about the Shining series. As a person who finds the new game to be interesting (and yes, I like the original games and finished all of them), it was very unpleasent to read “whatever we have now”.

    • George says:

      I think you need to stop assuming that I dislike all the new Shining games. What I meant by that comment is that it’s been rather unfocused as a franchise. It’s all over the place. I love the Shining Soul games for example but you compare them to EXE or Resonance and it’s all complete different. They even have a Shining fighting game. That’s what I meant. I wasn’t being negative.

      While its true that the franchise has always had side games, it always had a focused direction at least with the ‘Shining Force’ titles and team behind it. Thats all.

    • Tdixpix says:


    • Nero says:

      Never once did I say you disliked anything. Having a preference over something doesn’t automatically mean you dislike the other. But the fact that you responded they way did, in such a defensive manner proves the best words were not chosen in those parenthesis. So again, choose your words carefully. Just apologize, realize the mistake that was made, & move on. We’re all SEGA fans here & whether we jumped into the series like from the classics series or the ones we have now, they were both brought to us from the same blue logo.

    • Edge's Dragon says:

      It depends on the Shining game. The franchise has a number of sub-series: strategy, action and traditional first-person RPGs. There is plenty of room for different types of play styles to suit different preferences. Each sub series has its own naming convention. Shining Force for strategy, shorter names for action RPGs such as Shining Wisdom or Shining Resonance, longer titles for the traditional style such as Shining in the Darkness and Shining the Holy Ark. The current game has a title that suits the sub series. However, SEGA committed a faux pas when they put the word “Force” in the title of an action RPG on the PS2, and given the reverence and respect the strategy RPGs have earned, that is something that should never be done.

    • Edge's Dragon says:

      OK, Shining Wisdom isn’t a shorter title than Shining Wisdom. I goofed. But you see the pattern for the naming conventions.

    • Edge's Dragon says:

      Not shorter than Shining Force. I’ll get this straight yet.

  5. Pelinal says:

    Afterburner, Turn into an Arcade Flight Sim for PC and remaster the 2 original games for all platforms + switch with Online ranking

    we all miss playing an F-14 Super Tomcat game

  6. Melon Bread says:


  7. Bruno says:

    PANZER DRAGOON for sure…

  8. David Charpentier says:

    Panzer Dragoon

  9. NakDwezl says:

    Altered Beast. I think there’s a lot they can do with the game, if they make a more robust levels, adding new beast transformations, but at the same time sticking with its 2D arcade roots.

  10. Yamato says:

    Since Sakura Wars is already coming back, definitely Panzer Dragoon.

  11. AfroRyan says:

    Gain Ground, Panzer Dragoon, Comix Zone (imagine a hand drawn HD version….oh man). Maybe a Puyo Puyo Columns…which admittedly wouldn’t be a whole lot different but it’d be cool. Skies of Arcadia of course. I have a real soft spot for both Kid Chameleon and Vectorman as well, but Kid Chameleon is just too much like Mario and Vectorman is kind of a relic (a fairly standard action game mostly held up by amazing graphics for the time and a charming main character).

  12. Tailsic says:

    Billy Hatcher

  13. Brianzilla2004 says:

    Ecco the Dolphin – A hybrid of the classic gameplay and the newer Dreamcast stuff. I’m thinking a free-roaming 3D world, with trenches, caves, underwater structures, etc. that can be entered which change the gameplay to 2D.

    Shinobi – Keep it similar to the classic Genesis games, but add some stylish gore to the game. It could utilize the cutting system from Metal Gear Rising so that you could slice enemies apart from wherever your blade connects.

    Vectorman – I’d love to see a sequel to the first two games. No reboot or anything, just a continuation of the formula from before. Electronic dance music, some cool new weapon pick-ups and transformations, and a wicked new set of villains to fight.

  14. BMS says:

    For me personally, I’d love SEGA to give Jet Set Radio Future, Skies of Arcadia, and Anarchy Reigns a second chance on PC. I’m somewhat interested in seeing a modern Streets of Rage (maybe developed by PlatinumGames). God Hand, I feel, is the closest game we have to that.

  15. NB-DanTE says:

    It should be a continuation of Phantasy Star the originals a new Shining Force (tactics one) and Panzer Dragoon… alos want Skies of Arcadia… but if it’s about action I only can think about Shinobi… the last one on PS2 was pretty good! SEGA have a lot… pretty much every SEGA game on Dreamcast

  16. Kenshinxxx says:

    Skies of Arcadia!!!!
    Jet Set Radio

  17. didz says:

    i know it will probably never happen, but i keep secretly hoping for shining force 4. takahashi has said he would like to make another shining force, so statements like that don`t really help when you`re trying to tell yourself `come on man stop hoping, it will never be` 😀

    fire emblem has had a lot of success, so i don`t think there would be no market for it. people who like fire emblem and don`t know shining force from the past would check it out, or? and shining force has the extra rpg elements that fire emblem doesn`t have with walking around a map and visiting towns.


    oh, and skies of arcadia, of course 🙂

  18. Dreammax says:

    We want Skies of arcadia comme-back!!!

  19. ASV says:

    A new Illusion/Disney game.

  20. Chase Redd says:

    Panzer Dragoon Saga remake/sequel
    Shining Force 3 remake/sequel.

  21. Versus says:

    Jet Set Radio
    Panzer Dragoon

  22. AnthonyTZ says:

    Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star, Super Monkey Ball (for the Switch could be fun), Sakura Wars, Ecco, a new MadWorld/Max Anarchy game, and I feel Virtua Fighter could use a new game too.

  23. Elly says:

    Step aside, Step aaide coming trough.
    The Ip’s where Sega can wake me up For are:
    Baku Baku (Maybe VS Puyo Puyo)
    Clockwork knights
    Virtua Tennis
    Alexx kid
    Alien isolation or Alien Infestation
    And from Atlus i like to see:
    Trauma Center
    The Dark Spire

  24. Elly says:

    Ooh i forget:
    Alfa Protocol
    Nights in to the Dream

  25. a new chapter in the Phantasy Star series will be exciting to see, waiting for it.

  26. itsstillthinking says:

    Panzer Dragoon & Ecco the dolphin

  27. Maxi says:

    It would only excite me if Sega does a really good job with the franchise revival. I don’t exactly trust Sega to be competent though considering some recent decisions. Beware the monkey’s paw.

  28. Makius says:

    I would love to see re-released or re-made the Shining Force 3 game! It was my favorite game ever!

  29. Rav says:

    Virtua Fighter and Virtua Tennis. Either of them would make me fuzzy inside.

  30. It is hard to pick one, especially when Sega has tons of one-hit-wonders in their back catalog, but I guess my top 3 choices lately would be Comix Zone, Fighting Vipers, and Burning Rangers, all some of my favorite of Sega’s one-hit-wonders.

  31. Alex says:

    Golden axe
    Street of rage
    Out Runners

  32. Tom says:

    The Sega fanboy in me wants a new “Altered Beast,” “Ecco The Dolphin,” and “Vectorman 3,” but, I know that a modernized “Streets of Rage” reboot would sell far better. Also, “Shining Force IV,” would probably be another safe bet (if they hire/work with the original developer, Camelot Software Group, that is). As far as newer IPs, I think “Jet Set Radio 3,” & “Skies of Arcadia 2,” is what most gamers have been wanting (besides Shenmue III). Just my two cents.

  33. Mark says:

    To be honest(most people will disagree) I would love another Deep Fear or Confidential Mission

  34. Neal says:

    Fighting Vipers. We need more Fighting Vipers. That was my favorite Saturn fighter (until Megamix released, but even it is more Vipers than VF).

    I bet a modern Fighting Vipers game could break into the market and attract the Tekken, Virtua Fighter, and DOA players.

    • Tdixpix says:

      I agree, but on the FIghter’s Megamix front. I still believe that the mascot fighter is Sega’s creation, but was popularized by Nintendo.

      It’s too bad that Sega let over the top fighters like FV and FMM go.

  35. Stephen says:

    I’d welcome a Camelot Shining …Force 4 or Darkness/Holy ark dungeon crawler or Mania style celebration like the SFIII Premium Disk but the rebooted series in it’s current state gives back what you invest in it. It’s story line/theme ties to the original are stronger than given credit and has some really good recurring characters and once tony taka’s art connects with you your sold into it’s OWN world!

    there seems to be a lot of ignorance regarding what’s what with Shining – 2 decades on from the final Camelot title and many many games later and people still unnecessarily stuck in the past.

    Classic Series

    Shining in the Darkness
    Shining Force (SF:LOGI)
    Shining Force Gaiden
    Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya
    Shining Force II
    Shining Force CD
    Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
    Shining Wisdom
    Shining the Holy Ark
    Shining Force III Scenario 1
    Shining Force III Scenario 2
    Shining Force III Scenario 3
    Shining Force III Premium Disk

    Modern Series (current)

    Shining Soul
    Shining Soul II
    Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon ( SF:ROTDD )

    ( insert ALL ‘Classic’ series here replacing SF:LOGI with SF:ROTDD )

    Shining Tears
    Shining Road to the Force
    Shining Road Priestess of the Dark Dragon
    Shining Force Chronicle I
    Shining Force Chronicle II
    Shining Force Chronicle III
    Shining Wind
    Shining Wind X
    Shining Wind Fan Festa
    Shining Tears X Wind (anime)
    Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness (anime)
    Shining Hearts
    Shining Blade
    Shining Ark
    Blade Arcus from Shining, …EX, …Battle Arena
    Shining Resonance, …Refrain
    VR Figure from Shining: Kirika Towa Alma

    Modern Spin – off’s ( own separate continuity )

    Shining Force Neo

    Shining Force EXA
    Shining Force EXA Mobile
    Shining Force Feather
    Project X Zone
    Project X Zone 2

    Shining Force Cross, …Raid, …Elysion, …Exlesia, …Exlesia Zenith

    Stalker Series ( Spin off )

    Lady Stalker
    Dark Savior
    Time Stalkers ( Climax landers )
    Lady Stalker Mobile

    ( You can include the FEDA series due to it’s reference in Time Stalkers ( Climax Landers )

    FEDA: The Emblem of Justice
    FEDA Remake!: The Emblem of Justice
    FEDA 2: White Surge the Platoon

  36. OrangeSage says:

    Skies of Arcadia all the way!!!

    Played both Dreamcast & Gamecube versions. Have such fond memories. It really felt like you were part of a grand adventure 🙂 Still my all time favourite game to this day.

  37. Dave Rhodes says:

    Rad Mobile, Galaxy Force, Space Harrier, a new Phantasy Star Online for the both East and West market, OutRun, Fighting Vipers (or a new Fighting Megamix), a new All-star Racers, and a game that merges the worlds of Shenmue and Yakuza.

  38. SkyBlue says:

    Definitely Binary Domain, although if we’re going to be very VERY obscure, then Westone’s unreleased title Tokei Jikake no Aquario. If SEGA originally had the rights to it, then I would love to see it on their new SEGA AGES M2 line up on the Switch. Pretty much another “Monster World 4” scenario, only the game was never released in this case.

  39. Edge's Dragon says:

    After the purchase of Atlus, SEGA said they would like to make more role-playing games. I hope they didn’t mean to rely solely on Atlus. In the light of their comment, I would like to see Panzer Dragoon RPGs, Shining Force (the strategy series), Skies of Arcadia, Dragon Force and single-player Phantasy Star.

  40. Axl says:

    WONDERBOY 3 was the answer to Nintendo’s Zelda 2. And it was the most Beautifull 8bit pixel art production. The First Metroid Vania with games kije Metroid. Mixing action RPG game and Plateforming.

    The remake is a huge success and it will come out again in a physical version.
    Like Shenmue 3 it is a licence dropped by SEGA and stolen by outside independant developpers .

    But now SEGA with its new CEO realize their mistakes . I Hope they gonna fix this and invest in this HUGE catalogue. First stape: I’d love to see Megadrive Mini with Master system Mega CD and 32 x comptibility
    and Mini SD card and E shop. (if the Storage is too short) to remind and popularize forgotten gems like:
    Pulseman (never realesed in cartidge in the west.)
    Magical Taluluto (AMAZING colourful game with beautyful sprites.) way better than SNES version!
    Lunar CD. Sonic CD.
    WWonderboy 5.
    Beyond oasis.
    Virtua Fighter 32X/ After Burner arcade perfect 32x.
    Wonderboy 3 Master System.
    Batman And Robin (never seen 3D effect in a 16bit console like this..)
    All TREASURE games.

  41. PJ says:

    Give Rieko Kodama a single-player, offline, non-MMO-like, RPG, like a Phantasy Star (maybe set in Algol) or Skies of Arcadia. Other franchises that could come back: Ristar, Virtua Fighter (it’s time), Eternal Champions (perhaps being behind the Eternal Successors project), Vectorman (not that abomination that would come out for PS2, though), strategy Shining, Oasis (from Beyond and Legend of Oasis), Shinobi and Golden Axe (it could be God of War-like). Other franchises seem outdated now and don’t seem to be able to offer much without significant change.

  42. Norbyzuka says:

    Sky of arcadia, new panzer dragon saga, deep fear; burning ranger, new shining holy ark; jet set future

  43. I would love a proper Crazy Taxi sequel. The mobile game was great but not enough to get the taste of massive disappointments CT 3 and Fare Wars (PSP) out of my mouth. A new Skies Arcadia would be great as well and more Virtua Fighter.

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