Rare 1987 SEGA arcade game Bullet now playable at Galloping Ghost Arcade

The largest arcade in the world, Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL, has appeared quite a bit on our news page thanks to their continued efforts to make as many games playable as possible in their ever expanding lineup of machines (at well over 600). Their latest addition is a unique title from SEGA’s arcade past: 1987’s shoot ’em up Bullet. Developed by AM1 and playing similarly to Smash TV, the game is quite rare. According to Galloping Ghost only a few boards are known to exist and the one in their possession is the only one in the United States. The game uses two sticks, one for shooting and one for moving. Aesthetically, the game resembles Alien Syndrome and appears to recycle assets from Golden Axe.

If you want to play the game for yourself, head on over to Galloping Ghost the next time your in the Chicagoland area. If you can’t make it over, stay tuned to SEGAbits as we plan to head over there for an arcade game review. Thanks to Galloping Ghost for reviving this lost game!


2 responses to “Rare 1987 SEGA arcade game Bullet now playable at Galloping Ghost Arcade

  1. Miguel says:

    Just saw the long play on YouTube and it reminds me a lot of Time Soldier and Alien Syndrome, wish they put this game on the Sega Genesis.

  2. Centrale says:

    I think this game predates Golden Axe by a couple of years. The title screen music is kind of similar, though. I’ve played it on MAME and it’s pretty fun to experience Sega’s take on a twin stick shooter. Kind of like Robotron but with scrolling backgrounds. The only thing that I don’t like is you have to get very close to the edge of the screen before it will start scrolling, so you have to react very quickly because enemies will appear right next to you. Definitely try playing it with a friend if you can make it to Galloping Ghost.

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