CNBC interviews Sega Sammy Holdings President Haruki Satomi

Recently CNBC’s Christine Tan sat down with Sega Sammy Holdings President Haruki Satomi to discuss video games, including the flagship series Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the pachinko business and more. The interview was held as part of the CNBC show Managing Asia and is available in full as a transcript and offers a revealing look at Satomi’s thoughts on the company and his family’s legacy. Most amusingly, Satomi reveals that his favorite games are the Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles series. Guess we know why they make so many of them now!

Give the interview a read and once the full video is posted online we will be sure to share it!


6 responses to “CNBC interviews Sega Sammy Holdings President Haruki Satomi

  1. Tailsic says:

    I always view Sonic,Yakuza, and the Valkyria seriers as Sega big three, if Satomi is making this happen, then god bless him.

  2. I wish SEGA would bring back the Super Monkey Ball series.

  3. Hato Yano says:

    Outrun, even if I know its impossible since they dont have the licence for it anymore.

  4. Albert says:

    He has excellent taste in games.

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