Should SEGA stop making console exclusives?

It does seem that part of SEGA is going more multi-console friendly approach, with games like Shinining Resonance Refrain and Valkyria Chronicles 4 getting ports for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But it seems some franchise are continuing to stick with one console, most blatantly Yakuza and Persona series. There are quite a bit more, but these seem to be the ones that have been growing in popularity for SEGA. The biggest insult? The lack of PC announcements for titles like these, considering that PC seems to be a ‘non competing platform’ for most console manufactures. For example, Sony funded Street Fighter V to be exclusive, but it still got a PC release. I think having PC ports is very important for SEGA, considering the success of stuff like Bayonetta and Valkyria Chronicles.

Do you think its worth it for SEGA to make console exclusive games anymore?

It seems that something is going on behind the scenes with some franchises, especially Sony exclusives. But as fans, would you rather see these titles hit all platforms or do you like the fact that SEGA has console exclusive games? Sound off in the comments below.


26 responses to “Should SEGA stop making console exclusives?

  1. Tailsic says:

    I’m ok with Sega doing console exclusives, it give me a reason to get other console, if Sega doesn’t put no Sega exclusives games on the Switch, i’ll mostly never get a Switch, so i’m cool with them, and on a sadistic note, i enjoy hearing people complain about why this game not on there console of choose.

    • Trezell Lorenzo says:

      Unlike most people I’m mad at Sega for showcasing cowardice in regards to funding Bayonetta 2 and 3 instead of directing those feelings at Nintendo for doing something that’s part of how they operate

    • Brianzilla2004 says:

      Cowardice, or disinterest? Also, how does Nintendo operate?

    • Trezell Lorenzo says:

      I’m saying I blame Sega for Bayonetta 2 and 3 being exclusive to a
      Nintendo console while most other are hating directly on Nintendo

  2. NakDwezl says:

    I’m a one-console gamer due to lifestyle (time and associated costs). While I know my console of choice–Switch–will get plenty of Sonic games, I can’t help but feel miffed that owners will miss out on the Genesis Collection and Shenmue I & II HD.

  3. Miguel says:

    Yes they should stop making exclusives on consoles like Segas Bayonetta the games Sega make should be on multiple systems so we the fans can enjoy them.

  4. Jonathan Thompson says:

    I think SEGA should stop putting their own games in other consoles and start getting back to making their own consoles again.

  5. dubsmachine says:

    When Sega stopped making consoles their mission was to make their games available for as many platforms as possible, I wish they still had this mission.
    As an Xbox gamer it was great to have a lot of Sega games on Xbox OG and 360, I had a PS3 and loved Yakuza but now sadly I am missing on some great Sega games as they are not on Xbox One.

    Even more annoying is that some games are on PS4 and Switch in Europe but not Xbox One despite being on Xbox One in Japan – Puyo Puyo Pop Tetris for example.
    This means the hard work of translation has been done and the language just needs to be applied to the Xbox One Japan release so why hasn’t it?

    I love Sega games but they frustrate me a lot with their business methods.

  6. Trippled says:

    Nothing to do with behind the scenes. Nintendo and Sony aee the popular choices in Japan, and Sega is very (veeeeerry) slow in responding to western demands as we have seen

  7. Albert says:

    I don’t understand why they haven’t stopped doing them already. They hurt themselves for doing so, and it splits their fanbase. Don’t see why this even is a question.

  8. Elly says:

    Great topic.
    Sega should already stop making console exclsuvie games since last generations, because There IP’s are not strong like other japaneese developers. Example are Ninja Gaiden, Blood Borne, Persona and No More Heroes. The sales for Sega games doens’t make IT worth to be console exclusive and There for they cant make There money back. As i said Many Times on this site Sega have wasted this generation without There lack luster games that they have showed. If You disagree look @ last gen, also i hope Segabits Will look and compare this gen VS last gen or the gen before that. There lay all the answer on how agressief Sega was compare now.

  9. Elly says:

    Also look what Final fantasy make and compare the sales VS Persona. the following Developers who are know to do greet business are:
    Square enix
    Gras Hopper
    Bandia Namco

    So what have does developer in coment
    They are making almost Everytime multi console games.

  10. SonikSky says:

    I love console exclusive games. They generally end up being of better quality because of it.

    Being a game dev myself and part of a smaller 30 person team, I can say that having to hit multiple platforms, especially on launch, takes away from the development of the game.

    Instead of trying to hunt down bugs on one console, you’re dealing with 3 or 4 that all have their own unique cases

  11. SonikSky says:

    Also, with Sega choosing the PS4 as their exclusive of choice, they aren’t missing much elsewhere. I mean the install base and game sales on PS4 are well above any other console on the market right now.

    This also allows Sega to save costs on marketing, which can be very pricey (usually 20-30% of a games budget). Therefore allowing them to pour more resources into development.

    Also, their teams have found a stride in pushing the PS4 to its limits and should bunker down on that sweet spot they have found.

  12. BMS says:

    I’m all for PC ports, Bayonetta and Vanquish being the best examples. It gives us more choice on where to play our games, PC often being the one with the best hardware. I’m also all for exclusives, Bayonetta 2 and Persona 5 being the most notable. Without exclusives, we’d probably never see certain games ever being developed and we’d end up with less variety of games. In the end, it’s all up to SEGA to decide on which platform to put their games on. With social media nowadays, it’s a lot easier for SEGA to see what games we want where. Both multi-platform and exclusive games are at a good balance.

    Btw SEGA, Anarchy Reigns for PC please! 😛

  13. Ikagura says:

    Sega cannot afford to ignore a part of their playerbase.

    How many game are still on the Saturn without re-releases or remakes by the way?

    • Miguel says:

      A lot, I can name 3-Dragon Force, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Dark Savior.

    • Elly says:

      But still, Sega lost a alot of source code during the Saturn era. And they dont understabd what the S.E.G.A stand tot now these days.

    • Miguel says:

      Yes you are so right because the SE in Sega stands for SErvice and so far we as fans have not gotten the games we want on multiple systems, I’d like that to happen.
      The source codes that they lost I do not know if they can work on them or not, if they are willing to.

  14. Elly says:

    Hehè i agree Every part that You mention. But isn’t IT already to Little to late, because the next console shivers around the horizon. So that means (i think) no Virtua Fighter, fantasy star, sky of Arcadia 2 nothing big Will come out on the PS4, Xbox. Also can we say as Sega fan now that Atlus saves Sega butt this gen Together with Total War Guys and girls? For the blind witness out There Just look @ PS2, classic Xbox or 360 and PS3 what have does Generation in comment…… There were gamezz. To be complete dat i AM scared about next the gen Sega can’t afford any mistake now that the Arcade business doing poorly

    • Miguel says:

      Yes you are right they have to be watchful on how they go about the next games that come out and yes there is a lot of IPs that they own but they won’t listen to us, I get depressed everytime I here that, they are starting to be like SquareEnix in that they don’t listen to fans about our wants of future games I don’t know if they’ve been changing their tune as of recent or not regarding SquareEnix.

  15. Gem9103 says:

    Yes , they should stop making exclusives for better survive for their franchises .

  16. Edge's Dragon says:

    In a way, I think they may be more platform agnostic now than in the past. It’s just that their approach appears to be different. With older systems such as the original Xbox and the Wii, to name just a couple examples, SEGA actively went about to sign exclusive deals. Today they take a smarter approach by supporting a popular system like the PS4 first, especially given its popularity in their own country of Japan, using it as the lead platform, and then deciding whether to release a game on other systems as those other systems and SEGA’s own games gain in popularity. Some franchises may be legally tied to a platform because of whatever reasons they had for making it exclusive years ago. That may be the case with Yakuza while other franchises like Sonic are fully platform agnostic from the get go. They seemed to have learned from their mistake of tying Sonic exclusively to Nintendo platforms. As an aside, I hope SEGA finds a way to release Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World on multiple consoles in the future.
    Jurgen Post mentioned recently that SEGA used to be opportunistic. I have a feeling an example he had in mind were opportunities to capitalize off of Nintendo’s success with the Wii and taking advantage of motion controls, resulting in several sub-par games. Bayonetta 2’s exclusivity, of course, was the result of SEGA’s financial difficulties making it necessary for someone else to pick up the publishing duties instead of any desire to make an exclusive deal for the sake of making an exclusive deal.

  17. Koin says:

    Originally, they made games for themselves. But now, they make games for other consoles. Mostly Japanese based ones, Nintendo and PlayStation. Xbox doesn’t have much love because the Japanese don’t really like Xbox. The games that come out on xbox don’t really suit them. Xbox original is almost at fault for that, due to the oversized controller. But im sure there are other reasons. Plus, alot of games in general release on both PlayStation and Xbox. So, we only need one system anyway, which is not good. I normally say I don’t care what games come out on since I just play on whatever system. Not really a console loyalist. I like games and I’ll get all systems if I have to. But now that I take a minute to think about it, I always go with PlayStation out of the two (PlayStation and Xbox). Xbox personally doesn’t actually do it for me. The games they have that are exclusive are mostly FPS games. And personally, I don’t really like those. I miss the old times where blinx and fusion frenzy were a thing. But now, xbox is not really interesting. Cuphead and killer instinct are the only games I would play on Xbox one. But I would play 10 times as much titles on Nintendo and PlayStation.

    I actually don’t like having all the systems having the same games either. having exclusives gives reasons why you would want more than one console. But not if everything had the same games. Xbox is almost exactly the same as PlayStation minus the FPS games. And even then, alot of FPS release on both systems anyway. I understand money is a thing and consoles can be expensive, however, it’s diversity among the different consoles (and not having exactly the same games on each one) that makes things more interesting. If everything was the same, there would be no reason to buy a different console. On that note, all companies would have to just collab together and create one console that could play all games and players would only have one account. It’s almost like saying that McDonalds, burger king, checkers, krystals, chik fil a, arbys, taco bell, Wendy’s, etc. were all in one building. If Walmart, Sam’s club, target, publix, sears, and k mart were all one place. Idk if I would like that.

  18. SkyBlue says:

    SEGA do exclusives likely because of the split fanbase in the first place.

    Sonic tends to do better on Nintendo Systems, but they tend to simplify the games compared to on Sony/MS consoles, whereas Yakuza doesn’t really fit on Nintendo’s consoles (as evidenced on the Wii U HD Port of the two games).

    Exclusives tend to sell consoles, and they hope that people will buy their games based on what console they cater to.

    I don’t necessary agree with exclusives but I see why they do it, which is why Bayonetta is funded by Nintendo and therefore stays on their systems and Yakuza stays on the Playstation.

    I can only see the anger if they make something like Shenmue exclusive on the Xbox.

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