Team Sonic Racing gets E3 Trailer featuring new theme by Crush 40

“Driiiiive through foreeeeeeeever!”

The Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube account has uploaded the brand new Team Sonic Racing E3 trailer which mixes CGI and in-game graphics. The trailer focuses on the rivalry between Team Sonic and Team Dark! The trailer also features the racing course Wisps Circuit because you know Sonic fans love Wisps!

One of my negative comments on the recently revealed Team Sonic Racing gameplay was that it looked a bit too slow for my liking, this new trailer’s gameplay seems to be a bit faster. I hope (and I’m sure there are) faster modes of play within the game. Obviously this isn’t taking into account my real big complaint, that its all Sonic and doesn’t include prior SEGA IPs like the All-Stars series, but it seems Sonic fans are happy at the very least.


One response to “Team Sonic Racing gets E3 Trailer featuring new theme by Crush 40

  1. TDixpix says:

    That Crush40 track really makes me forget that I’m watching forest animals with frosted tips drive sports cars. That music is so suited to the attitude of Sonic games.

    I’m into this, though I really wish that the All-stars were just pulled out of the title, and not the game. Maybe we’ll see secret characters?

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