Sonic the Hedgehog toys now at Subway restaurants

Video credit: Treasure Hunting Sonic [ Facebook | Instagram ]

Sonic the Hedgehog celebrated 27 years over the weekend, and one of the stranger bits of news to come out of the celebrations (stranger than Big the Cat) was that Subway restaurants in the US would have a Sonic themed kid’s meal. Sonic is no stranger to kid’s meals in the US, having appeared as a Happy Meal for Sonic 3, a McDonald’s train car for the Happy Meal anniversary, two waves of McDonald’s LED toys, a Jack in the Box SEGA PC meal, and two Sonic Boom promotions (one for Del Taco and another for Carl’s Jr.).

This latest promotion sees four gear toys that assemble into a weird optical illusion machine. Not as exciting as some past promotions, but still fun to see in action. You can buy them for yourself without the meal for the low price of between $1 and $1.50 each, though the shame in asking a sandwich artist if they have Sonic toys is costly. Trust me.

Thanks to Treasure Hunting Sonic for making a video of the toys in action, you can check him out on Facebook and Instagram.


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