SEGA Japan contest giving away Sonic Mania art by Ken Sugimori of Pokemon fame

SEGA Japan’s Sonic Channel is holding a pretty awesome contest giving away original artwork by Ken Sugimori (known for Pokemon, art director at Game Freak). According to SEGA Japan’s tweet it will be given to someone on twitter and they did link to this write-up with Ken Sugimori giving his impressions on Sonic Mania and its features. I do love the ending where he asks SEGA to do a ‘Space Harrier Mania‘, ‘Phantasy Star Mania’ and ‘Altered Beast Mania’. Hey, I wouldn’t complain if SEGA had a Retro line of older games coming back like Sonic Mania.

Another thing I have been noticing is SEGA’s tight relationship with Game Freak. If you didn’t know SEGA has had a relationship since early 90s when they published Magical Taruruto-Kun and Pulseman on the Mega Drive, then all the way in 2015 publishing Game Freak’s Tembo the Badass Elephant, and of course Ken Sugimori doing the artwork for the physical release of SEGA 3D Classics for Nintendo 3DS. Maybe we will be seeing more GameFreak x SEGA collaborations in the future? What you think about the artwork and Ken Sugimori’s take on Classic Sonic?


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