Project JUDGE gets almost an hour long English-dubbed presentation

If you are excited for the next Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios (Yakuza Studio) next game, right now using the working title Project JUDGE (JUDGE EYES in Japan) then you are in luck since there is a long form presentation which features Takuya Kimura, Shosuke Tanihara, Kenichi Takito, Akira Nakao, Alexandros (Japanese rock band), and SEGA’s Toshihiro Nagoshi!  This presentation is dubbed, with a translator for fans to from America to enjoy.

This is possibly one of the more in-depth reveals to a game in a very long time, especially for SEGA. Not only did we get a world wide announcement, but Japan also got a demo on the same day it was revealed and its coming out by the end of 2019 in Asian countries. Yakuza Studio is on fire!


2 responses to “Project JUDGE gets almost an hour long English-dubbed presentation

  1. TJGAMER10 says:

    At the End of 2018, not 2019.
    Plus, so excited for this, SEGA has really changed over the years and they keep getting better.

    • FinalTuned says:

      This will essentially be SEGA’s answer to TeamBondi’s L.A. Noire – a detective take on Rockstars usual open-world style, except it was based on 50s Holywood.

      As well as the Japanese equivalent of L.A. Noire.
      An interesting take, and great to see brand new SEGA IP as well as a new style of genre.

      The only other high profile equivalent from the Japanese perspective is Capcom’s Pheonix Write Ace Attorney visual novel series I think.

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