SEGA News Bits: SEGA Kicks AtGames Off The Mega Drive / Genesis Mini

It was just announced the other day that the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Mini will be delayed into 2019 as SEGA shifts the development in-house instead of using AtGames. On this episode we discuss the news, what it we think of the revelations and discuss what games should be on the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive when it finally comes out. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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11 responses to “SEGA News Bits: SEGA Kicks AtGames Off The Mega Drive / Genesis Mini

  1. Dennis Livingston says:

    I don’t think it’s just software, AtGames little plug and plays were always the shotiest of build quality, they felt so cheap. I’m hoping this is a quality product inside and out.

    • me says:

      Considering how NES/SNES Mini are both very high quality collectables and the upcoming PS1 Classic is likely to be high quality, too, Sega would be RETARDED to let Atgames handle this. I’m fairly sure they saw Sony is making one on their own and someone in charge at Sega realized they can’t compete with another half-baked, outsourced product when every other gaming giant is making their nostalgia bait with as much quality and care as they can.
      I just hope they’re not going to just hand the project to another cheap plug&play console and accessory maker like Radica. They really should handle this one themselves and make it into a collectible for fans, not mass-market junk.

    • Tattler says:

      Can’t help but feel history is repeating itself again as it now comes full circle, with Sega missing another opportunity at again, they are going into the mini home console market, writing the wrongs they’ve done so far now, but it could be too little too late.

    • Tattler says:

      I think they realised the market for it after Nintendo went to work on the SNES mini, the NES mini was the catalyst but Sega had been doing outsourced hardware for years with AtGames before Nintendo came into the mini market and done it themselves and simply set the new standards of how they should be handled, and now Sony has made moved to get in on it as well, Sega has realised if you have to do and want to do it, it has to be done yourself and done right, that it has to be official and not this –

  2. molul says:

    What do you think of this UI for the mini?

  3. Stephen S says:

    Sega needs to release an All in 1 Mini. Sega Genesis/CD/32X . Think of the possibilities. Release some of those classics that people never got a chance to play like Snatcher from the Sega CD. There are emulators that play all of those formats so it’s not that difficult. Sega could reclaim it’s throne. Then, of course after that sells millions of units, bring on the Saturn Mini & Dreamcast Mini. At this time, Sega would’ve made such a huge impact on the gaming world it would be time to get back into the new hardware business and be a true contender to MS, Sony & Nintendo. Just a thought.

    • molul says:

      Hmmm I disagree. That would make the product more expensive, would need to add more products (and organize them in the menu), and most potential customers only want a Mega Drive Mini, not the CD and 32X that weren’t as successful. If they release a separate CD and 32X it’s ok, but I think a Mega Drive Mini is much more appealing (and would sell more because of the price) than the “transformers” mix.

    • SonikSky says:

      You could easily make hat DLC or some type of unlockable games. You wouldn’t HAVE to advertise it is a 32X-CD.

      Just like on the PS3 Genesis collection, they put Master System games in it

  4. molul says:

    DLC, different console games included… That sounds too complicated for a plug n play toy, doesn’t it? The beauty of this kind of product is the simplicity, imho.

  5. I’ve always wanted a Dreamcast Mini.

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