Rumor: Team Sonic Racing might have been delayed to 2019

We haven’t been shy to share our opinions on SEGAbits about the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, specifically the lack of marketing hype surrounding the game. Set for a winter 2018 release, the game has only seen a few teaser trailers and appearances at conventions. For a game that should be releasing in just a few months, it sure doesn’t feel like it is releasing in just a few months. Via Sonic Stadium comes the sighting of a pamphlet from a Russian computer and gaming expo that gives the game a 2019 release date. Such a delay would fit with how SEGA has been treating the game, and I did note that the official website for the game and the SEGA Press site does not list any release date information. Plus, SEGA has made it clear that quality is important for the Sonic brand moving forward, which has led to delays for games like Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and Sonic Mania.

Of course, this could also all be false and the Russian event just had the wrong information. It wouldn’t be the first time Russians disseminated false news. We’ll see what information we can dig up on the potential delay, so in the meantime let’s classify this as a rumor.


7 responses to “Rumor: Team Sonic Racing might have been delayed to 2019

  1. NakDwezl says:

    “It wouldn’t be the first time Russians disseminated false news.”

    So very true.

    I’m on-board with a delay. It won’t have Smash Bros. to contend with on Switch and could use some extra polish. What I really want, mostly, is some new, old characters: Nack/Fang, Bean, Bark, Gamma, Gemeryl, Mighty, Ray, and so forth.

    When Sonic Racing was first hinted at, the idea of going though past stages with Sonic power-ups and characters justified somewhat leaving other Sega characters out.

    Since that time, the stages aren’t really a callback to the Genesis, etc. ones, the power ups are Wisps, and the all Sonic roster is just your standard fare. Hardly inspiring.

  2. Debonair says:

    When it comes to Sega quality control, this should be welcome news, it really shows they are taking care of it better than being pressured into another rush release to make the quarterly annual release schedule.

  3. RushDawg says:

    If true, this is probably for the best. The game has zero hype surrounding it and is likely to get buried if it releases in the middle of the holiday season.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Nickelodeon Kart Racers releases in October and I’m certain SEGA doesn’t want to release so close to it. Though if they do they need to tell people why Sonic is the better game.

  4. SEGA needs to advertise more on t.v. All I see all the time is Nintendo advertisements and its very frustrating to me. Mainly because I cant stand seeing or hearing Mario. But Nintendo seems to be doing fine with advertisements, so why cant SEGA advertise more on television. I bet Team Sonic Racing would sell very well if it was more advertised.

  5. Celso says:

    Sega Aims to Release Games Simultaneously Worldwide and Take Advantage of Its ‘Idle’ IPs:

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