PlayStation Classic to include the original Persona game

The full line-up of 20 games which will be included on the PlayStation Classic plug and play has been revealed, and surprisingly there is a reason for us to share the news! No, there aren’t any SEGA games included but an ATLUS title did make the cut. Included in the PlayStation Classic will be the first game in the Persona series, Revelations: Persona.

Originally released in 1996 and titled Megami Ibunroku Persona in Japan, the game was a subseries of the Megami Tensei franchise. Localization in the west led to the aforementioned name change and several other changes, including changes to character names and appearances, the removal of Japanese culture and references to Japan, an overall lower difficulty and the removal of a quest.

2009 saw the release of a remake, released to the west as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for the PlayStation Portable, which featured new cutscenes and was more faithful to the original Japanese version. The PlayStation Classic console, however, appears to contain the localized Revelations: Persona. It will be interesting to see what fans think of this news. If you’re a Persona fan, sound off in the comments. Are you excited to play the first game in the franchise?


2 responses to “PlayStation Classic to include the original Persona game

  1. Is it true that some guy from the PlayStation company helped make the SEGA Dreamcast?

  2. Noel says:

    While I loved the PSP version of the game, the original is not that great. Not because of the game itself, but the butchered localization that has a lot of weird changes. And they didn’t remove “a quest” from the game, but a whole other optional route. You can choose between going after a guy who causes a mess in your world (normal path) or stay in school and witness a lot of weird events that happen after you get stuck in there (optional path). In a certain moment of the story, the school is out of bounds and that optional path explains why that is. I wouldn’t call this a “side quest”, but a good 15~20 hours of gameplay that was cut from the original. It’s like they cut half of the game.

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