SEGA renews Virtua Fighter logo and files new trademark for ‘Battle Genesis’

SEGA has filed to renew the Virtua Fighter logo trademark and at the same time have filed a trademark for a brand new IP being titled ‘Battle Genesis‘. Both the Virtua Fighter logo and Battle Genesis are being trademark to be used for coin operated machines and arcade game use. For sure, the title ‘Battle Genesis’ sounds like some sort of versus game itself. What do you think it is?

As you have probably guessed, fans online are excited at the idea of a new Virtua Fighter entry, but SEGA Europe has already dashed their hopes with a tweet confirming that SEGA doesn’t have a new entry planned.

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10 responses to “SEGA renews Virtua Fighter logo and files new trademark for ‘Battle Genesis’

  1. VirtuaIceMan says:

    A crazy Virtua Fighter game where the fighters battle against a Sega Genesis console with legs, Fighters Megamix whacky characters style! Hopefully not :-p

    • TDixpix says:

      Man, I sincerely hope that a new Fighter’s Megamix was a reality. Extreme fun, easy to pick up and as deep as you want it to be.

      I still give them credit for inventing the franchise fighting game.

    • OriginalName says:

      I’ve always thought that Sega missed a huge opportunity by not keeping Fighters Megamix going. A Megamix 2 on the Dreamcast would have been incredible.

      Anyway, I’m just happy there’s the potential for Virtua Fighter to come back. It’s been WAY too long. And I’d gladly take a Genesis with legs as a final boss if they ever decide to give Dural a break.

  2. Me says:

    I love how back when Final Showdown was barely announced, I said Final Showdown is probably really final, as in the final game in the series, and people were like “lol u dumb xdd final tuned wasn’t final”. Turns out I was right. I wish Sega would prove me wrong. VF5FS is really aged by now and it doesn’t compare favorably with Tekken and DoA anymore. It’s old. It’s tired. It’s been played to death. At least DoA is mechanically similar to VF and DoA6 is shaping up to be really good, so I guess that’s some consolation.

    • Eck says:

      That’s funny because they say Virtua Fighter games never get old for their gen, because VF is the deepest and most complex fighter in existence, deeper than chess:

      What’s old about it?

    • It’s like a hot wife. She could be the hottest wife in the world… and the old man will want some variety. Something new for the sake of being new.

      Make no mistake. Tekken and DOA are not VF!!! That right there is just pure heresy! Lol… to compare VF with those games.

    • Me says:

      DoA is mechanically similar to VF, similar ways to string combos, similar counter mechanic, basically the same way to reverse throws… did you forget whichever Sega AM dept. is responsible for Virtua Fighter helped balance DoA5? Playing VF characters in DoA5 feels almost like the real thing.

      And no, VF isn’t old mechanically, it’s just that people expect more from games than just mechanics. VF5FS is undeniably old (over 7 years old by now), do you know why they release multiple versions of VF each time? Like VF4 Evo, then Final Tuned? Or VF5R then VF5FS? To rebalance the game. Change the meta. Rekindle people’s interest after they’ve already reached their plateau in older versions. VF5FS has been out for years, it’s simply stale. People play video games not just for the mechanics, they also expect audio-visual feedback and in that regard VF5 is really, really aged compared to competitors. Not sure how many times I had to listen to the same damn victory quote by now, I’m sick of them all already to the point where I’d rather play something else. You’re delusional if you think people will keep playing VF5FS just because “it’s like chess and therefore timeless”. Just look at the dwindling playerbase, look at how irrelevant VF has become. You have to accept uncomfortable truths if you’re a real fan, otherwise Sega will just rest on its laurels and never move the franchise forward. They released VF5FS to consoles and that’s the last we’ve heard from them. Meanwhile its competitors keep going forward and improving.

    • Don’t go there with DOA vs VF. Play mechanics are way different, even though they tried to make DOA play like VF, they failed. I was pretty stoked back duirng the Saturn days when you read stories of the programming team working with Sega back on the original Model 2 arcade game, and even using the AM2 libraies to port DOA to Saturn with outstanding results… maybe even the best looking Saturn game besides VF2. Needless to say, all the DOA’s thereafter really disppointed me. Not in the same league.

      Oh, don’t get me wrong. Like I said, if you play the same game over and over, no matter how good it is, it’s gonna get old. People want to play something new. There is really no way to describe the pain most VF fans feel right now. Me… I’m just dying for 6. It’s emotional torture, after a while, you just become numb. 6 should have been released AGES ago- yeah.

      And funny how this irrelavent game still shows up at EVO. VF’s irrelavent fans, keep the community alive because really, it’s just that great a game. Nobody’s givning Sega a pass. We just don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Just gotta keep patient…. like Shenmue.

    • Me says:

      In what way are DOA mechanics “way different”? Counters work basically the same. Combos work basically the same. Timings are basically the same. There isn’t excess juggling like in Tekken. It’s more similar than not, although not the same. Also VF5 on EVO is just a sideshow. The people who regard VF5 as relevant are statistically irrelevant.

    • Are we playing the same games?

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