SEGA in the Media: Sonic the Hedgehog movie gets a mention at the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes happened over the weekend, and surprisingly the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie got a mention in a short back and forth between the hosts and Jim Carrey. In the clip, Jim is told by the hosts that because he is nominated for television that he needs to move from the film seating section. Carrey counters, pointing out that he will be in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in November. However, host Andy Samberg counters that Jim can sit in the film section next year noting “I’m sure it will be nominated.” Of course, the joke is that the Sonic movie will not be nominated for a Golden Globe and everybody has a laugh at the expense of the movie.

Look, I’ve seen several fans and fan sites defend the clip saying the joke wasn’t about the Sonic movie looking like it will be awful but about Jim sitting in the wrong section. I personally don’t care if people make fun of the upcoming Sonic movie, because I think it looks terrible and Paramount and SEGA deserves the blowback. But to think that the above clip isn’t making fun of the movie is just silly.


3 responses to “SEGA in the Media: Sonic the Hedgehog movie gets a mention at the Golden Globes

  1. Tad says:

    The real joke here is people stilling giving award shows any time or day. It’s literally full of overpaid rich people giving their ego’s a boost.

  2. This is a true story right: Okay, so at school a table beside me my friend a some kid were discussing upcoming movies this year and the Pikachu movie was being discussed. The kid then said Oh look a Sonic the Hedgehog movie!?! My friend looked at it, and said that looks trashy. But yet he didn’t mention how weird the Pikachu movie looked. Not hating on Pokemon or anything but for real? Maybe Im just being airminded.

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