Team Sonic Racing reveals Team Eggman

We’ve known for a while that Eggman would have his own team in Team Sonic Racing, and now we know who decided to accept his invite. Team Eggman will consist of Eggman, Metal Sonic and Zavok, the leader of the Deadly Six from Sonic Lost World. Zavok is an interesting choice. There are other baddies from Sonic’s recent history that SEGA could have pulled from, like Chaos or Infinite, but when you think about it besides those two and the Deadly Six you’re left with badniks or giant monsters that are way too big for a car.

Zavok has made appearances in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a trophy, in Sonic Runners during a special event, in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle and in Sonic Forces as an illusion created by Infinite. Personally I was hoping for a modern redesign of Fang in his sweet hover bike, but I know that’s not happening.

Team Sonic Racing releases May 21, 2019.

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11 responses to “Team Sonic Racing reveals Team Eggman

  1. Whoa nice team selection by Sumo/SEGA! Maybe the reason Infinite wasn’t in Team Eggman was becasue Infinite has a team of his own. Infinite(speed) with Chaos(power) and Egg-Robo? What do you guys think?

  2. me says:

    Ugh… the unimaginative gang of fruit monsters pollutes yet another game for no good reason… and it’s zavok, of course… everyone’s favorite Sonic character… first thing people think of when they see Eggman is Zavok… yep…
    I’ll never understand why they keep forcing these stupid out of place characters into every game, as if there’s no other options, could’ve gone for Egg Pawn if they didn’t have any better ideas, but no, let’s include Zavok… I imagine the only other choice on the table was Zazz, because it always has to be either Zavok or Zazz in these 3rd party spinoffs, I guess they’re super appealing to shareholders because of the kid-friendly generic fisher price designs

    Come to think of it, they literally could’ve made a separate team out of Lost World villains instead of making Zavok be on Eggman’s team. Fairly sure nobody except clueless kids would ever touch that team, but hey…

  3. RushDawg says:

    Orbot and Cubot would have been a better choice than Zavok. Zavoks design is pretty lame and not consistent with other Sonic characters.

  4. Gem9103 says:

    I don’t mind Zavok in the game , but come on only 15 character ! Spin off games has bigger number than that . Let , Charmy , Espio , Cream , Jet , Wave and Storm to be playable too . I’m not trying to bash the game , I’m actually want to buy it , once it’s available on steam , and I’m glad Rouge , Omega , Vector and Big are in the game , but having more playable characters in Spin off games is better .

  5. How about a customizable character? That would be fun.

  6. Matthew says:

    Ashton that’s a great idea.

  7. Phantom says:

    Team Eggman should be front runners given their engineering expertise, manufacturing facilities, and endless R&D research. Only Team Tails come close because of his engineering skill, but is held back by lack of financial investment and manpower. But you can bet Eggman’s hubris will screw up car reliability, as always.

    Never mind, just thinking about Motorsport Manager again.

  8. OriginalName says:

    It’s so weird how Sonic Team just don’t seem to have a sense of what does and doesn’t fit aesthetically in the post-Saturn era. Sonic doesn’t look good next to even semi-realistic humans, sexy anthropomorphs like Rouge are totally creepy for most folks, and designs like Zavok don’t really work in any environment BUT Lost World, and even then were never a perfect fit with Sonic…

    I know that Sumo is making this, but I assume that Sonic Team is calling most of the shots.

    Anyway, this seems like a game that will honestly be of good- maybe even great-quality that just won’t find big enough of an audience because it’s so limited in focus compared to the more broadly fanbase-pleasing offerings of its predecessors. It’s a shame, ’cause I love Sumo and only want the best for them.

    • anon says:

      “sexy anthropomorphs like Rouge are totally creepy for most folks”
      I, for one, wish they made her even sexier, together with bigger hips, tits and bounce “physics” like in good old SA2 days
      IMO it’s not the looks that make her creepy to most folks, the thing that makes it creepy is the fact they’re trying to make her sound sexy and seductive, which she wasn’t until after Sonic Heroes. Her character was kinda one dimensional before, and while it was a bit weird to have a big-titted “sexy” character in a Sonic game at the time, her personality and voice didn’t imply anything sexual, so nobody really had a problem with it. I mean, her Heroes outfit showed way more boobage and I don’t think anybody cared that much. Now imagine that outfit with her current personality. Or one of the alternate outfits in SA2. Now that’s much more creepy and weird (for a Sonic game). At least her current English voice actress sounds younger than the 4kids old woman…

    • Gem9103 says:

      Giving Rouge bigger hips and tits ?? no , just no , Her SA2 model was awful . Her current body proportions are perfect . Keep exaggerated tits and hips , inside deviant art only .

  9. Zphal says:

    I figured it out! Instead of Zavok, they should’ve had Chaos, specifically driving a hydrogen vehicle! XD

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