Shenmue III officially reveals English voice cast

The Shenmue III Kickstarter has sent out its 96th update, this time discussing the English voice overs that the game will receive. As we already know, Corey Marshall is reprising his role as Ryo Hazuki while Ling Shenhua will be played by new comer Brianna Knickerbocker who is said to have stunned people with her great performance.

We also got a behind the scenes video with the voice actors, Yu Suzuki and sound director Takayuki Nakamura in the LA studio. My main issue is how odd the audio is synced and how there is little to no information in this video. Which has been a common theme with these updates.Also seems like so few people to voice a game like Shenmue III, we even have Katana, Corey Marshall’s daughter making her voice performance debut. Should be a interesting product when Shenmue III releases later this year.


12 responses to “Shenmue III officially reveals English voice cast

  1. Debonair says:

    It’s a shame Corey Marshall is a raging extreme hard left libtard – he even admitted to using that word himself. Just look at the state of his Facebook page, filled with fake news, cringe and ignorant remarks. It does kind of ruin the memory of Ryo, but yea I get he just did the English dubs and the original Ryo Hazuki voice is Masaya Matsukaze.

    • tdixpix says:

      What’s so wrong with having a problem with the current American administration? It’s unprecedented how many rules and norms that liar has broken. I’m a republican and I’m furious at the state of things.

    • Debonair says:

      What broken rules? The country has been on the up for the first time in years under him – that’s why liberal media hates him, far better than if the Democrats had got their way.
      The problem isn’t that he has a problem with the current US administration (which is for reasons that are just personal to him and limited to his own limited perspective) it’s that he clearly has a problem with people who do not share his views as well, which is quite common with the left, feminist, SJW fascistic democrat mentality, he is more subtle about it though but it’s clear from the people he has blocked who have merely challenged him on his propaganda and fake news posts which he was caught out posting again for the umpteenth time, this time about the kids in red MAGA hats harassing when they were the ones who were actually harassed and liberal media pounced on it and flipped the story, the libs quickly reacted emotionally without checking facts first (as they always do) and quickly ran for the safe spaces and claimed victimhood and called for the kids to have their lives destroyed.

    • Centrale says:

      “What broken rules?” 34 criminal indictments and counting, sport.

    • DCGX says:

      “cringe and ignorant remarks”


    • Centrale says:

      Newsflash to all right wingers: There aren’t many artists who are conservatives. Because making great art requires having a soul. By the way, enjoy 2019! It’s going to be the “fakest” year you’ve ever seen in your life.

    • PEDRO says:

      Not the least politically biased! Oh I feel sorry for people like you.

    • BigJon says:

      @Centrale Where on earth do you get the idea of Conservative not having a soul..? Do you know what a soul is?
      Have you seen how bad modern Liberal left wing art is? And how the left has contributed to the fall and decline in ‘standard’ of many fields including art?

    • PEDRO says:

      I agree. Recent entertainment says it all.

    • Centrale says:

      Yeah… the high water mark for right winger art is Kid Rock. I think you’ve wandered out of your right wing echo chamber. Better get back in the comfort zone!

  2. tdixpix says:

    I like that Corey Marshall is back for nostalgic value, but tbh, it seems more than a little strange that teenagers from 1980’s Japan and China (not to mention the rest of the population) don’t even have the accents of the places that they live.

    I wonder if Yu Suzuki cast his voice actors because he liked how they looked? It wouldn’t be the first time 😀

  3. Centrale says:

    Corey Marshall’s remarks on the voice cast from his recent interview on Polygon: ”

    Let me put it this way — Yu Suzuki did mention himself that the [game’s scope is very large] this time. It’s not a budget, cut down version of Shenmue. Which I think is great. We have a lot of characters, and we have a lot of really great people. Really great people, who also I can’t mention because we haven’t really gotten permission to really talk about that yet. But we have some really great people working on this project. I mean, people who have been in the business forever, people that you will recognize that are voices, and people that work on other games, animation, films. You know, that’s one thing that I’m really excited about is that we have got all kinds of people. I mean, people who do — like I said — a little bit of everything, right? I mean, people that you hear on Netflix, people that you hear on the movies, that kind of stuff.”

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