SEGA & JAKKS Pacific announce Sonic the Hedgehog toy licensing deal

Do you like Sonic the Hedgehog themed toys? If so, you are in luck because SEGA is teaming up with Jakks Pacific to bring you a brand new line of toys. You can check out more about the toys after the jump:

Jakks Pacific recently announced a new line of toys representing Sega’s blue mascot: Sonic the Hedgehog. These 4-inch figures bring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow to the real world once more as a starting showcase line-up. Not only that, but a pinball track set: with a customizable track, removable figures and “Sonic Spheres” which gives light to creating game worlds a reality. Customers can pull the pinball launcher and shoot the Sonic Spheres through loops and turns.

In an interview with the SVP of Marketing of JAKKS Pacific, Craig Drobis says: “We are incredibly excited to work with SEGA of America to bring this iconic property and character to life. The JAKKS line of toys, role-play, and dress-up extends the ‘Sonic’ experience from screen-time to play-time.”

I’ve seen the Jakks brand name everywhere when I was a kid, from good Plug N Plays to Disney figurines. So it is pretty exciting to see a huge toy manufacturer and one of the biggest video game icons come together to make some good products.

Anoulay Tsai, Licensing Director of SEGA of America comments: “As a best-in-class toy company that possesses an exemplary track record with legendary brands in the gaming space, it made perfect sense for us to enter into a partnership with JAKKS Pacific. This is a great step forward for Sonic the Hedgehog as we endeavor to break barriers at the speed of sound in toys!”

All in all, I am very much looking forward to what the announce in the coming year and am just hammering to see what that pinball track set is! Luckily, the entire line will be showcased at the International Toy Fair in New York February 16-19, 2019, so we wouldn’t have to wait too long to see what the rest of the bunch looks like. The global launch, except in Asia, of the toys will release at prices starting from $4.99. Personally, I’m just waiting on my Infinite figure to be released (and no, I do not count the TOMY brand lol).


3 responses to “SEGA & JAKKS Pacific announce Sonic the Hedgehog toy licensing deal

  1. I think Tails looks the best of all of them. My brother thinks Shadow looks the best. Is it just me or is Sonic looking a little cross-eyed. Lol not so much.

  2. Montyburns says:

    Both Sonic and Shadow have derpy eyes. Shadow especially. Otherwise it looks good.

  3. What a wonderful thing, I’m looking forward to sonic toys, it’s amazing. I’m collecting items about figures and Plush toys

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