Historical SEGA Enterprise HQ building to be torn down

Earlier today legendary SEGA game developer Yuji Naka took to Twitter to post a tweet paying his goodbyes to the historical SEGA Enterprise HQ building that will be torn down.

“It’s sad that the former Sega HQ building is going away. I remember making all kinds of games in my 22 years there. It may be on the edge of Tokyo, but it was truly an honor to be able to reach the world from there. It’s too bad. I loved Sega Enterprises.”Yuji Naka (translated by Cheesmeister3k)

Honestly I’m one of those people that don’t think buildings like this should be destroyed and that SEGA’s history in gaming is worth preserving. What’s your opinion? Press F to pay respect.


15 responses to “Historical SEGA Enterprise HQ building to be torn down

  1. Big Fred Machine says:

    man, that sucks. Are there pics of the new building somewhere?

  2. Winys_Rockman says:

    This is really sad. Why do not preserve? Create some kind of museum or something?

    • Rob says:

      That is a very Western way of thinking. The entire concept of keeping older buildings and turning them into museums and tourist attractions is not really in the Japanese mentality, even a lot of their so called “traditional” buildings are modern rebuilds.

    • Lobsterman says:

      Then that just shows how backwards Japan really is

  3. So why is it shutting down?

  4. Deefy says:

    It’s really a shame, I agree with you George…
    Moreover, if I understood correctly, in one of the last releases of the SS holding, also the SEGA headquarters used until last year, that of Haneda Ota-ku, Tokyo, has just been sold together with the land.

  5. am2model3 says:

    that is sad!! = ( amazing games came out of that building!

  6. BigJon says:

    Nobody can even Specify which office it is, there’s three different Sega buildings and two of them are across the road from each other, so which of the three is it exactly?

    The fourth one is a new Sega house which has a navel theme about it.

    • Deefy says:

      Probably the oldest one it has already been demolished some years ago.
      The other, at Haneda Ota-ku, it has just been sold with the attached land.

  7. Robbie says:

    That’s a real pity. Couldn’t someone at least make a video tour of the building before it’s torn down?

  8. Eck says:

    Anyone have any idea when the date will be? I feel like I must get there to do a tour before this date. I see Yuji Naka is already been there since and said people are starting to gather there more.

  9. Debonair says:

    It’s too bad what Sammy management has been doing with Sega stock, this is why official Dreamcast games stopped getting official Sega published licences after 2007 as well.
    It was the head of the Sega-Sammy holdings which control all parts of both Sega and Sammy that is responsible because he believes they aren’t integrated enough and Sega is too scattered out.

  10. SegaAMGermany says:


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