SEGA News Bits: Sonic Movie Test Screening Reaction

More Sonic Movie news hit this week, and it’s a LOT to sift through. Apparently a test screening took place, and a viewer took to Reddit to answer people’s questions about the movie. How big a role does Tom play? How does Robotnik look? Is Knuckles in the movie? All this and more is answered!

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5 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Sonic Movie Test Screening Reaction

  1. Fat Frog says:

    @George @Barry
    We really need a podcast about the Sega X Google rumour.

    We don’t care if it’s total BS or not, we just want your opinions before Google Keynote.

    I bet on Daytona 3, Jet Set Radio 3 as google temporarily exclusives.

    • George says:

      The console will be Google Project Stream (google it, they where beta testing it this Winter, I was one of the people that Beta tested it) as a console. SEGA will be one of many publishers that will allow their PC catalogue to be streamed. Maybe Google will get some timed exclusive like Epic store, but I doubt it.

    • Fat Frog says:

      So you think all the rumours are BS. Maybe…
      Thanks for the reply anyway

    • Fat Frog says:

      “First, Google is a heavily compartmentalized company, and the person promoting this event on Twitter is none other than Risk Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of Hardware.”

      It seems a part of the rumour was true. There will be a real console alongside their streaming project. (maybe Sega was adviser for this hardware, or maybe google doesn’t want to reproduce Micrososft failure in Asia and therefore would use a Sega Branded console as trojan horse)

      Of course, 98% of those rumours are likely BS but i guess at least one or two exclusives could be a thing.

  2. So I guess the movie will explain how Sonic came to Earth. I really like the storyline. But I think the moneymaker is going to be Sonic doing the floss. I honestly cant wait to see it. Im bringing my mom to see it with me.

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