Streets of Rage 4 gameplay teaser trailer shows off new vibrant visuals

This year marks the 25th Anniversary since Streets of Rage 3 hit the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. Most of us SEGA fans have been waiting 25 whole years for a sequel to one of our favorite franchises and everyday we get closer to Streets of Rage 4‘s release, the more excited I get. Now we got a gameplay teaser trailer for us to look at.

“The clip finds our dear friends Axel and Blaze reunited and dishing out beatdowns—with all-new moves—to a fledgling group of ill-advised criminals in full force. Streets of Rage 4’s vibrant visuals, courtesy of the team behind 2017’s stunning Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake, bring the game’s troubled city to life with a fluid, exaggerated style. The game’s hand-drawn animation adds a burst of flair to every pummeling while still encompassing the gritty aesthetic perfected within the original trilogy.

Streets of Rage 4 is the first installment to the mainline series in more than two decades and will revitalize the iconic baddie-bashing gameplay with modern touches, fresh pulsing jams, and more surprises to be revealed. The team behind Streets of Rage 4 is drawing from a lifetime of love for brawlers to introduce new fans and remind veterans alike why Streets of Rage is one of Sega’s most beloved series.”


4 responses to “Streets of Rage 4 gameplay teaser trailer shows off new vibrant visuals

  1. Eric Weiss says:

    This game looks bad ass.

  2. Boris Ivan Putin Vladimir the Terrible says:

    This game looks bad, and ass.

  3. Monty says:

    Why did they give Blaze a jacket? Where is Adam? Why does Axel have a dad bod? lol


    I’ve been trying to figure out what’s off about the fighting and I think it’s either the physics or the sound effect for punching sounds like everybody is blocking. It’s very unsatisfying.

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