Sonic 2 ex-artist shows off unapproved SEGA pitch for ‘Spellcaster’ fighting game

We have been covering all the SEGA Technical Institute pitches that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 artist Craig Stitt has been posting over at the SEGA Retro Gaming group on Facebook. First he showed off his pitch for Sonic’s partner called Boomer, then he showed off Astropede and now he is showing off a pitch Craig Stitt did with programmer Dave Sanner back in SEGA’s 16-bit days. The game was set to be called ‘Spellcaster’ and was meant to be a two player combat game based around the use of magic. The gimmick would be that the game would have a musical component in that players had to press button combinations to cast a spell but each button would play a musical note.

The idea would be that players would have a easier time doing complicated button combinations if they were based around sound. According to Craig Stitt, the pitch was put together after Sonic Spinball was completed and was rejected, this is when Craig Stitt began working on his Astropede pitch. Check out some of the artwork Craig Stitt did for Spellcaster below:


2 responses to “Sonic 2 ex-artist shows off unapproved SEGA pitch for ‘Spellcaster’ fighting game

  1. Sega Dreamer says:

    This looks better than Cosmic Carnage.

  2. AnonReader says:

    That’s a shame it wasn’t developed further. It sounds like Bust a Groove before that game existed. A music battle game would’ve been VERY original in 94 or 95 especially if it could’ve used CD music. Sega Technical Institute was underrated. They were always trying new ideas or experimental stuff which was not common for a company of Sega’s size back then or now.

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