Final 12 Mega Drive/Genesis Mini Lineup Revealed Including Darius MD and Tetris, Accessories

It’s the last 10– no wait… 12! Yes, the last 12 games set for the SEGA Genesis Mini and the SEGA Mega Drive Mini in all territories. SEGA has recently showcased on their most recent livestream the remaining games in the collection along with some other tidbits on accessories you can purchase for your miniature system including a carrying case as well as the ability to “dress up” your system in the tower of power with an attachable (non-functioning) SEGA CD and 32X units along with miniature cartridges of Sonic 1 and Sonic & Knuckles (Actual games not included) to your system. The last two games, Darius MD and Tetris appear as special bonus games. Darius’s inclusion is notable in that this conversion was never before produced and the mini system features official support from the Tetris Company to include the ultra rare Mega Drive conversion of SEGA’s Arcade Tetris.

[Source: SEGA of America Twitter, SEGA Mega Drive Mini Livestream]

Click below to reveal the last remaining titles in the line up as well as pictures of the accessories shown during the livestream.

All Regions

  • Tetris
  • Darius
  • Road Rash II
  • Alisia Dragoon
  • Columns
  • Dynamite Headdy
  • Monster World IV

North America/Europe

  • Strider
  • Virtua Fighter 2
  • Kid Chameleon
  • Light Crusader
  • Eternal Champions


  • Assault Suit Leynos
  • Langrisser II
  • Slap Fight MD
  • Snow Bros
  • Lord Monarch


*Accessories not announced for regions outside of Japan. Content comes from SEGA’s Mega Drive livestream.


20 responses to “Final 12 Mega Drive/Genesis Mini Lineup Revealed Including Darius MD and Tetris, Accessories

  1. RushDawg says:

    Kind of an underwhelming final 12 games. It’s especially lame of them to sell a fake Sonic & Knuckles cartridge but not actually include Sonic & Knuckles on the system.

    Overall though, this thing looks great. 42 titles, most of them good-to-great. Looks better than the SNES Classic.

    • Brian Spilner says:

      It’s not SEGA’s fault about Sonic & Knuckles, people need to learn to shut up about that and stop pointing fingers at Sega, because if Sega was able to they’d have done it and done it before on all previous MegaDrive collections, it’s a licence issue, the same reason why they still haven’t re-released Jet Set Radio Future or another Outrun – which people can’t shut up about either, try can either learn the corporate world properly (which is a whole world in itself with distinct cultures), specifically on the issue of corporate licences, or stop going on about it, because people bitching on about it is technically equivalent of talking to a brick wall, and noting is going to get done that way.

    • RushDawg says:

      Has SEGA officially stated that Sonic 3 & Knuckles is impossible due to licensing issues? If so, please share the link. As far as I know, it is simply fan speculation. And licensing issues do not make it impossible to rerelease a game, it just makes it more challenging. SEGA obviously had to license a lot of games for this Mini Console from Konami, Capcom, EA and even Disney.

      Do you have any concrete proof that it was literally impossible for SEGA to license Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the Mini Console? If so, please share it. Otherwise, please shut up with your condescending BS. You assume I know nothing about the “corporate world” from a single post? GTFOH with that BS.

    • Someguy says:

      You are right, it’s not SEGA’s fault, it’s because of a deadman’s estate. Of course SEGA would put it on there if they could. It was one of the biggest titles for the Genesis which they themselves developed.

      People bitching does work, Sonic the Movie being the most recent example of it working (just saying).

  2. RushDawg says:

    Also, they must really not have the rights to Sonic 3’s music anymore if they can’t even make a fake cartridge of the game….

  3. Respawn says:

    underwhelming note to end on but still i’m pumped as hell for this thing gotta say

  4. DCGX says:

    Road Rash (any of the originals). Sold.

  5. Valkyrie77 says:

    Sad to see that Thunder Force IV didn’t make it. Happy Monster World IV did though… 😀

  6. tdixpix says:

    I’m kind of excited about all of these ‘deep cuts’ to be honest. Instead of being the most popular US games like the PS Classic, this little console really attempts to offer a selection of games that are diverse, unique games in their own right.

    Looking at a few of the final 12 games, these titles seem like they were designed uniquely for the system, and I’m pumped to get my hands on it. Now I only hope that the UX, menus and dashboard are all as sweet as the Genesis collection.

  7. Mike says:

    I’ll admit that most of what they included is really cool. Many of the platformers that are included are classics.
    Not gonna lie though, it’s annoying the way Sega keeps pushing the shoddy 16-bit version of Virtua Fighter 2. That could have been replaced by a much better Genesis game. If someone’s never played a proper port of VF2, they’re bound to have a low opinion of the series. If someone has played a proper port, they won’t be any more impressed. Just because you can (cheaply!) include a ROM of a historically bad game doesn’t mean you should.

  8. Sestren Rk'D says:

    Man. I was really hoping they’d try to settle that whole S3&K music rights debacle, but alas. Heck, even if they announced that certain songs would have be replaced by new ones composed by Yuzo Koshiro or Manabu Namiki just to be on there, I wouldn’t complain. But I know a lot of others would. Yeah, people are tired of hearing about it (and I honestly don’t care if they are), but seeing it released again after it being absent on some compilations would’ve made this shine more than it already has.

    This last reveal didn’t wow me the same way as the previous ones, but we’ve got a lot of good titles here regardless. Everyone back in the day probably heard of Alisia Dragoon but it hasn’t seen a re-release since 1992. Playing the translated version of Monster World IV but with Sega controllers should be great. A new/unreleased version of Darius, and an extremely rare version of Tetris?

    Still getting it. It’s still a solid compilation with plenty of familiar titles and lesser-known and niche titles that should definitely spark some curiosity. Probably the only thing really going against it is that most of the titles are on other compilations, but this one has plenty of exclusives that are worth it.

    Heh, and look at Sega. “SNES Classic has 21 games, Genesis/MD Mini has 42!” I had a feeling they wouldn’t stop at 40, but I thought they’d sneak in a 32X game like Chaotix, Virtua Racing, or Virtua Fighter. If EWJ wasn’t already announced, putting in the Sega CD version would’ve killed it.

  9. Miguel says:

    Cool Target Earth is in, I remember playing that game so much as a kid and the ending is cool.

  10. Someguy says:

    The whole Sonic 3 thing is BS. Jackson and company were contracted to make those songs for Sonic 3. Sega paid for those particular variations of the songs which are apparently rip offs of existing songs.

    Even if Sega doesn’t want to deal with the legal battle, they could easily replace the offending songs with alternatives that already exist, or even remix some Sonic 1/2 to fill in the gaps. Doing nothing is the worst choice.

  11. Dlivingston says:

    The fact that MUSHA and Wily Wars is in, the complete lineup turned out better than expected.

  12. tdixpix says:

    You know, since Sega owns Technosoft, why aren’t we seeing Herzog Zwei? This game basically created the RTS genre, and is super rare!

  13. Hitrax says:

    A fairly well presented stellar line up, with two notable omissions, namely;

    1. Alladin. (Virgin Interactive)
    2. Mortal Kombat (Midway)

    Both very important key MegaDrive titles that should have been included internally, can’t help think they should have made this at least 50 titles built in, considering the most recent disk collection was 50 titles and this is the re-release of the console itself.

    Alladin on the MegaDrive courtesy from Virgin working with SEGA was what made Nintendo jealous enough to come out with the Donkey Long Country series, because of the animation.

    Mortal Kombat illustrated the difference between SEGA and Nintendo in how they approach their 2nd party partners and 3rd party licenced independents, SEGA was more gritty, upfront, less willing to abide by peer pressure or societal expectations while Nintendo was more family friendly orientated and considerate to the point of censoreship.

    Still, kudos to SEGA for bringing back some other notable quality like Eternal Champions, the rare as hens teeth MegaDrive version of Tetris, Monster World IV and Alisia Dragoon ect.

  14. Deefy says:

    About the inclusion of Virtua Fighter 2 my extreme dream is that this can be a clue for a next, possibly near VF6.

    On all the rest my opinion is that the project is going very well. To please everyone, SEGA should have help us travel through time! Or at least include every games of the system …

    • Adam says:

      Virtua Fighter 6 would be so rad! I’m tired of fighting CPUs! I need real opponents again, dang it! 😀

  15. PEDRO FERREIRA says:

    No Ristar, no Sonic 3/Knuckles. Obvious titles to include, especially the former. Not sure I want to buy it now. Also the websites for some reason leave Road Rash 2 off.

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