Treasure’s Dynamite Headdy joins the SEGA Forever lineup

The SEGA Forever lineup expanded today, with the release of Treasure’s Mega Drive classic Dynamite Headdy. The game is free to play on iOS and Android now! Released in 1994, Dynamite Headdy is best known for its Mega Drive release (which is what you will find in the SEGA Forever version), however it was also released to the SEGA Game Gear and brought to the Master System in Brazil. A 32X port was planned but cancelled.

In other SEGA Forever news, Golden Axe and Altered Beast will be receiving local multiplayer updates today. This feature works on both free and paid versions.


One response to “Treasure’s Dynamite Headdy joins the SEGA Forever lineup

  1. Star Technologies says:

    I have reason to believe the updates to Altered Beast and Golden Axe may actually be a result of my recent email to SEGA Mobile Customer Service, listing all possible fixes to all games in SEGA Forever. So, if that is true, you have me to thank for the new updates, and possibly updates to other titles coming soon as well.

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