Data Discs announces Sonic the Hedgehog CD vinyl – available to pre-order now!

Data Discs is retuning to the world of Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks with an impressive 3XLP release of Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Available to pre-order now and shipping September 2019, the release will feature the original Japanese score composed by Naofumi Hataya and Masfumi Ogata, newly remastered. The release will present the soundtrack in the game’s time zones, meaning “present”, “good future”, “past” and “bad future” will all be lumped together. The release will be accompanied by three double-sided art prints, liner notes from Naofumi Hataya, and a bespoke etching design on Side F of the soundtrack. There will also be a download code for lossy and lossless digital versions of the soundtrack. The release will be in three editions: 180g Clear Vinyl w/ Blue & Green + Sonic Blue Etched Disc (Limited Edition), 180g Sonic Blue Vinyl + Etched Disc, and 180g Classic Black Vinyl + Etched Disc.

Per the official pre-order site: Pre-orders for the limited edition will remain open until Monday 17th June (closing at 12:00pm UK time). Anyone who orders before then will be guaranteed a copy. The expected shipping date is September 2019.


5 responses to “Data Discs announces Sonic the Hedgehog CD vinyl – available to pre-order now!

  1. ikagura says:

    So the beggining of the track will be the past then the middle the present then the bad and finally the good future?

  2. Djerno_Set_Radio says:

    I nearly shat my pants when I got notified by Data Discs about this it just came out of nowhere. So I immediately pre-ordered the limited edition and threw in Streets of Rage as well because it was back in stock. Too bad it’ll take until September to ship however still worth it Sonic CD has a soundtrack made by the Gods!

  3. ikagura says:

    Sadly that will never happen for Sonic 3 & Knuckles :/

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