Shenmmue III getting Collector’s Edition from Limited Run Games

First with the news that the PC version is going exclusive to Epic Game Store, now we have another collectors edition announced, which was part of early Kickstarter pledges. But now we have another, actually very cool looking Collector’s Edition being done by Limited Run games that comes with:

  • The Game (pictured above is PC)
  • Phoenix/Dragon Mirror
  • Five clothing Patches from within the game
  • Sickers from art from the game
  • Light box style lamp

The game will only get 4,000 units on PlayStation 4 and 1,000 units made for PC! Deep Silver has confirmed that all physical copies will have Epic Game Store codes. The Collector’s Edition is also only being sold within North America. AYou can ‘unravel the mystery this November’. What are your thoughts? Are you mad that you backed the game early considering it seems a lot of things are changing?


5 responses to “Shenmmue III getting Collector’s Edition from Limited Run Games


    When I read patches I wasn’t thinking of clothing accessories…

  2. BigJon says:

    Quite disappointing to be honest.

    5, 000 retail copies only?
    Clearly they don’t expect this to be a big enough hit worth investing in for more than that.

    • George says:

      The company is literally called “LIMITED RUN GAMES”, they always do limited runs of collector’s edition. The standard copies are the ones that are limited to buy within a window. Its just the way Limited Run has always done business.

  3. DCGX says:

    I didn’t back this and was going to get it on PS4, so depending on the price (I like that light box) I might get this.

  4. SkyBlue says:

    Good thing that TheGameCollection has this on the UK side.

    Screw you LRG for being like that.

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