Watch 15 minutes of Shenmue III gameplay footage from IGN Japan

IGN Japan has released two videos showcasing Shenmue III mini-games, training and fighting. The video above features the previously revealed mini-game system of exchanging money for gameplay tokens, and games include lucky hit, turtle racing, a dice game called roll it on top and capsule toys. Despite the runtime of the video, it appears to play twice. After the break, check out practicing and sparring in which Ryo tries out some moves and fights a monk.

The footage very much feels like Shenmue, with sharper visuals of course. Funny how they retained the awkward conversations. What are your thoughts on the new footage? Let us know in the comments below!

Update: We have a new video of Ryo chopping wood! Check it out below.


3 responses to “Watch 15 minutes of Shenmue III gameplay footage from IGN Japan

  1. segaismysavior says:

    LMAO! Those are exactly the kind of videos I want to see… the goofy stuff! The voice acting is a huge improvement too, and I didn’t recognize Corey Marshall at first.

  2. tdixpix says:

    So so glorious. The feel and the shot for shot direction squeals Shenmue sensibility. Love it!

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