Project Sakura Wars Release Date announced for Japan and more info on gameplay

SEGA has finished their recent Sakura Wars Imperial Theater Propaganda Department Report stream by showcasing character theme songs, new characters (Shanghai Kagekidan members, Shaolong and Yui), and a battle system vastly different from the original Sakura Wars games.

While the previous entries used a traditional turn-based battle system, Project Sakura Wars seems to use a different approach with more of a platforming and hack/slash combat style game play. You can check out the game play in action here.

SEGA has also announced that the game will be released in Japan on December 12, 2019 with pre-orders to be available with a special PS4 Theme, and the limited edition will have a soundtrack with over 60 songs from the whole series, and an artbook.

A upcoming fan event will also take place on August 21st for Japanese players to get their first hands on Project Sakura Wars. Check out screenshots of the new characters and battle system right after the break!

Gameplay & Screenshots courtesy of Samantha Ferreira and HDKirin


One response to “Project Sakura Wars Release Date announced for Japan and more info on gameplay

  1. Eccles says:

    Great, would love to see this come to break through the West for Sega like Yakuza did. I can’t see that unless it’s made multiplatform, not just another PS4 exclusive, but X1 and PC at least as well, with a decent budget behind it like Judgement just got.

    Come to think of it, this is not a new Sega IP at all, Sega has been making them since the Saturn era in the 90s, but it was exclusive to Asia/Pal and never came west, but it would be totally new to the West this time, so not having a numbered title would make since as it’s a new series of the franchise.

    But if it was, it would be Sakura Wars 6.

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