Sakura Wars Fan Translation Completed – Play Sakura Wars in English on Emulator and Modded Sega Saturn

With Project Sakura Wars released in Japan (as Shin Sakura Taisen) and on it’s way to the West for next year in Spring 2020, you can finally get the chance to play the first title with an english patch for the SEGA Saturn version on a SEGA Saturn emulator or a modded Saturn console.

Sakura Wars is a cross-genre video game developed by Sega and Red Company, and published by Sega in 1996. It is the first game in Sega’s Sakura Wars series, created by Oji Hiroi which become a hit in Japan overtime and produced many sequels, spin-offs and media franchises. Defined by Sega as a “dramatic adventure” game, Sakura Wars combines overlapping tactical role-playing, dating sim and visual novel gameplay elements. You can download the English patch and instructions here.

Huge thanks to CJ_iwakura, NoahSteam, Crouching_Mouse, and MatatabiMitsu for making the patch and trailer from the Saturn Commerical in English.


6 responses to “Sakura Wars Fan Translation Completed – Play Sakura Wars in English on Emulator and Modded Sega Saturn

  1. Does anyone know how much Sakura Wars Taisen will cost in the US? Will it release on the Nintendo Switch?

  2. randroid says:

    This is huge as was the effort, I’m sure, but I hope this paves the way to the sequels getting eng patched soon as well.

  3. Mintos says:

    Brilliant, effectively a new title for Sega Saturn (along with the others for Saturn, and MegaDrive and Dreamcast), just where it belongs.

  4. OriginalName says:

    I am absolutely thrilled by this. I started learning Japanese five years ago, in small part to play games like this. I’m glad that others won’t have to resort to such means anymore. And now I can play them again without it being such a slog to look up every other kanji. Sakura Wars especially with its split-second dialog decisions.

    Shining Force III trilogy, Dragon Force II, and Policenauts available, with Grandia and Princess Crown on the way! Great time to be a hardcore Sega fan!

    Really Segagaga is the last BIG one that I want that’s yet to be translated.

  5. SegaAMGermany says:

    Endlich, finally

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