New showcase trailer for SEGA Genesis Mini revealed

SEGA of America’s Youtube channel released a short showcase video or the upcoming SEGA Genesis Mini, which is slated to release next month. In the video it opens with a little “blast from the past”, with 90’s Claymation Sonic from the classic Japanese commercial with the “SEGAAAA” jingle accompanying it. It follows up with a brief showing of the size difference between the original & the mini and what games are to come, including Tetris and Darius. The latter also brings it its’ first North American release, although it is an in-house port by M2 and SEGA of Japan since it was an arcade cabinet originally.

I got to play it at this past E3 and I can easily say that I am relieved we finally get a good classic Plug-n-Play from SEGA. (No more ATGames nonsense!!!) The SEGA Genesis Mini releases on September 19 for $79.99 in North America.


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