TGS 2019: Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gameplay and Story Trailer

As previously reported in our Weekly Famitsu article on Yakuza: Like A Dragon, SEGA has uploaded two brand new trailers demonstrating the title’s gameplay features and story details. We got a good look on the game’s Live Command RPG Battle system in action with the ability to change Ichiban’s attire through “Job Change” with unique abilities to execute in battle depending on the selected attire.

The trailer also shows off the setting of Yokohama, ways to earn money through can collecting mini games, recruiting people in your team and various new and returning play spots to try out! The story trailer is similar to the previous one but with a few new scenes included featuring more new characters introduced to Yakuza: Like A Dragon. To check out the new story trailer, be sure to hit the jump after the break. Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be released in Japan on January 16, 2020 in Japan and in 2020 in the Americas and Europe.

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One response to “TGS 2019: Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gameplay and Story Trailer

  1. ugh says:

    Hate to be negative, but it looks bad. Way too much silly stuff crammed all over. The RPG battle system is most likely going to make random encounters a huge chore and it also seems you always have followers around. I don’t mind the minigames, they mostly look like carry over from 6 with the exception of karting, but everything else just looks… kinda bad? I know zany and wacky characters like Majima and wacky substories are everyone’s favorite (not mine) but a whole game centered around wacky le random stuff… no thanks.
    The sad thing for me is that everyone seems to love it, guess that’s what you get when 80% of people who like Yakuza started with 0 and have no actual idea about the series. Just want them MINIGAMES AND WACKY CHARACTERS AND QUESTS

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