Original version of Sonic Mania to receive physical release

SEGA is releasing the original version of Sonic Mania physically to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Listings for all three appeared on GameStop’s website priced at $19.99 for a November 5, 2019 release (UPDATE: some stores are now carrying it). It does not appear that this release will have any bonuses, like an art book or a Mega Drive/Genesis reversible cover. The content from the Plus release is not on disc, though should be available as DLC at an additional price.

It’s possible SEGA is doing this to fill the void of no new Sonic game in stores this Christmas season, and is piggybacking off of the recently released Mega Drive/Genesis Mini. Mini consoles and a budget priced Sonic Mania would make for great holiday purchases. We’ll share more info as we hear it!

UPDATE: Readers have spotted this release at retail, specifically Walmart, priced at $19.93.


9 responses to “Original version of Sonic Mania to receive physical release

  1. Does anybody know if Sonic Mania supports handheld mode on the new Nintendo Switch lite? Or does every Sonic game so far support handheld mode?

  2. ainam says:

    So… instead of the already available Plus version (which even comes bundled with Sonic Forces in some places), you can now buy the incomplete experience and the DLC separately which comes down to about 5 bucks less than the physical Plus version. Wow. The marketing genius who thought this up needs a raise for sure.
    Hoarders, excuse me, game collectors, are no doubt gonna suck this up to complete their collection of plastic waste, but can’t see many more people actually going for this.

  3. Bizarre. At least the Plus content should have been included or offered for $0 DLC.

    The only way this makes sense is if they had a warehouse of old stock of the old discs. And even then, you would want to throw in a coupon to make the Plus DLC free.

  4. Thanks, Blake Heisey.

  5. Eck says:

    Thought this already happened two years ago. Pretty pointless now, would have been better to not have a physical ver on Nintendo hardware, it’s not like these with switches who wanted haven’t already bought it.


    Yet still no physical PC release…

  7. David Charpentier says:

    Has anyone confirmed if the boss that was changed is back in this version or not!

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