Shenmue III finally gets a launch trailer, marching closer to release

Shenmue III has been rumored since I first started coming online as a little Georgie boy, it was one of the main reasons I joined the SEGA community. Then we got a Kickstarter and waited some more, but it seems that we are very close to ‘not waiting’ for Shenmue III since its coming out in a few days on November 19, 2019. Now we get to enjoy a launch trailer above.


4 responses to “Shenmue III finally gets a launch trailer, marching closer to release

  1. ween says:

    I criticized this game hard the whole development cycle and after the backer demo was released because I thought (and still do) it’s going to be garbage and all the backers are going to feel like dumbasses but honestly this trailer is really good. However, a bunch of cherrypicked cutscenes don’t make a game, obviously, and this is 100% cutscenes 0% gameplay so it remains to be seen if it’s as good as the trailer makes it seem

    Can’t get over the human sausage muscleman guy though, I feel as though they made him early to show off they’re doing something and then had to keep him in the game because they showed him off so much it’d be weird to throw the design out. He looks so out of place, his fighting style doesn’t fit the appearance and his model deforms really badly during animations

    With that said I had the game preordered for a long time now so I guess we’ll all soon find out if the wait was worth it.

    • ween says:

      So I got my preorder today and after playing it on the PS4 for a couple hours all I got to say is that Shenmue 3 is a Shenmue game in the same way water with some sugar in it is Coca Cola.

    • Caledonian SP says:

      So, overall good then?

    • ween says:

      Yes, it’s overall good. I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. Parts of it, especially NPC models, are really cartoonish and out of place and take you out of the experience. You have a somewhat realistic looking character sitting next to moustache-less D1ck Dastardly looking fellow, that sort of thing. But it’s overall good. Not as good as the hypothetical full budget production could be but it’s good. So far, anyway.

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