Shenmue III latest trailer finally shows off some gameplay and fully voiced cutscenes

Shenmue III released the latest trailer that debuted at MAGIC 2019 event. The trailer finally shows off fully voice acted cutscenes, mocapped faces and a tiny bit of the combat gameplay. I have to say, the way this trailer was directed was very close to the originals but I’m still not sold on the face models they are using for this game. The trailer also gives us a very small glimpse at the new fighting mechanics, they look pretty engaging in the trailer and just hope its as engaging when your actually playing.

Outside of that its a lot of mystery still on how Shenmue III‘s open world will work, how the mini-games will play like and a lot more. I guess it should be a interesting few months considering that Shenmue III launches on August 27, 2019. Whats your thoughts on the new Shenmue III trailer?


18 responses to “Shenmue III latest trailer finally shows off some gameplay and fully voiced cutscenes

  1. Fat Frog says:

    Spawn video just posted a vid’ about sega revivals rumours on the google console.

  2. Dhezz says:

    The environments look phenomenal. Everything is in motion constantly.

    Shenhua looks great, and Ryo looks good. It’s obviously still being polished. They’re on a similar level to Final Fantasy XV. I got emotional when I saw Ryo standing at the man’s door asking for information as the trees swayed behind him.

    Random NPCs are a mixed bag, but given that this is an indie title with 500 NPCs, I think we should give them credit for what they’ve managed to do. A lot of people reflexively criticize everything without any apparent appreciation for the fact that this is a game originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It doesn’t have the budget of The Last of Us. But it’s not trying to be that.

    I look forward to seeing more of the fighting.

  3. Sounds good in Asian, I just hope they don’t replace the voices with that hard left fascist Yank commie Corey Marshall.

    • OriginalName says:

      Respectfully, you’re overreacting.

    • PEDRO FERREIRA says:

      I think celebrities in general should stay away from interacting with people outside the business on social media.

    • DCGX says:

      I guess you don’t realize that fascism and communism have mostly conflicting ideologies. Then again, that doesn’t surprise me considering you just called the speech, etc. in the trailer “Asian” instead of Japanese. My guess is education was never a top priority for you?

    • Hitrax says:


      I thought Japanese was an ‘Asian language’ or am I missing something here?

      Japanese = Asian
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      It seems it is you that is missing it after all upon reflection.

      I get what you’re saying, but it’s just an argument of collectivism at best, and doesn’t discredit his comment of ‘speaking Asian’.
      I mean unless you are also trying to say America has a bad name for a country because it is a country that predominantly speaks English – a British language from the UK of GB (Great Britain) which is an island of three nations.

      Wouldn’t want to sound like you support double standards now, would it?

    • STOPAC says:

      how the hell can you be on the left and be a facist?

      Do you not know of the political spectrum?

      Did…. did you graduate?

    • PEDRO FERREIRA says:

      If you think the far left are nice people you need to address your life…

    • STOPAC says:

      Omg That’s not what that means. Question answered nevermind haha.

    • PEDRO FERREIRA says:

      Study the far left first and then you’ll see there are problems in the world.

    • @STOPAC

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      This is exactly why you’ll never hear this from the modern left today for example —>

  4. Elly says:

    For me i am not / yet sold on the faciale expression yet.
    Judge on the background IT have something similarity from street fighter 4
    All and all i give them credit where credit is due. Up to your new project

  5. me says:

    I personally think it looks really bad, aside from the environment. Facial animations are horrible. Mocap work is horrible (look at Ryo’s contorted wrist at 1:05 or the old man’s unfitting animation which abruptly stops when the mocap recording ends at 1:40). The NPCs look like utter garbage. The child at 1:00 looks like it has a slit throat due to the crap texture. Fighting bits look alright, although too little was shown to judge.

    Now I know Shenmue 2 in particular had its share of ugly, weird characters, but they were all within the limits of realistic enough to be believable and fit the environment they were put in. Here it’s the opposite. That spheroid human at 1:48 or Satan’s Mouth at 0:43, hell even the generic kung fu grandpa look like something out of wreck-it ralph, meanwhile Ryo and Shenhua are both done in the semi-real-but-still-kinda-anime look, like in the old games.

    Lastly, since this is a big reveal trailer, I’m sure they picked the best parts to show, which really doesn’t make me feel secure in the project as a whole if this is the level of quality they decided to come out with. Let’s not live in denial and pretend it’s going to improve miraculously, this barely looks different from last year’s footage with the ugly muscle man and Ryo training on a pier, EXCEPT that one was way better than this. Release is just around the corner and I don’t think they can afford another delay, certainly not another year.

  6. SegaMon says:

    The trailer showed that the game has shown significant progress and is on its way to being a great game. They have 5 months to polish the game which is great. We must appreciate that we are getting Shenmue 3 after 18 years! Whether or not this game matches your expectations is moot. It is meeting Yu Suzuki’s expectations and it is providing us with a continuation of the series! I am grateful for and it looks good to me. ^_^

  7. Harlemknight116 says:

    The people that are disappointed with the visuals have to remember this game and the developers are using a little over 7 million to create this game. Shenmue 1 and 2 costed 47 million combined to develop and they had a much larger team at the time, which was around 200 if I remember correctly. With that being said, I think Ys net is doing a great job considering the limited financial resources. August 27th couldn’t come fast enough.

    • noiwg says:

      People are disappointed, because they were promised a proper continuation to the franchise and so far it’s looking like a fangame with some pretty environments. Nobody’s expecting Shenmue 3 to be a breakthrough game like Shenmue 1 and 2. People just want a game they can be proud of. If the game turns out subpar then everyone loses, because the current generation will consider Shenmue a joke and the rest of us will be left with a bad taste in our mouths.

      As it is now Shenmue 3 leaves a lot to be desired, the NPCs look like rejected designs from a cancelled Pixar movie (I blame the chinese studio they outsourced the work to – all the models for main characters look great, presumably because the team had direct control over it), motion capture is bad in places, facial animations and lipsync are bad… Unfortunately, a lot has happened since Shenmue 2’s release and such details are now held to a higher standard. All this and there has been NO real gameplay shown yet.
      People voicing their concerns at this stage of development is a good thing. The worst thing that could happen is for the team to rush the game and ruin it for us all. If they hear the criticisms perhaps they’ll fix whatever problems they can and in the end we’ll end up with a better product as a whole.

      Also you’re forgetting that Ys Net is getting additional funding/assistance from Sony and Deep Silver. It’s not just the kickstarter money.

      Let’s also not forget that they’ve reached a point of no return and can not under any circumstances cancel the game and refund. Yu Suzuki’s reputation is on the line, the game IS coming out, which, in case Shenmue 3 turns out to be terrible, we’ll never see the end of the story EVER as the failure of Shenmue 3 will ensure absolute zero support for any further efforts in continuing the franchise. So instead of being happy with subpar results, pretending it’s perfect and making excuses as to why it’s lacking, we should criticize what we don’t like and encourage improvement so that the game comes out as good as it’s physically possible.

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