SEGA News Bits: Most Disappointing SEGA Games of 2019

Every year we pick our most disappointing SEGA games that we played, because in our eyes no SEGA game is truly “bad” or the “worst”. This year, we think our choices reflect just how good the year actually is. We hope you’ll agree, and if you don’t… sorry!

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5 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Most Disappointing SEGA Games of 2019

  1. Razzee says:

    Add a text to your articles with videos, please. Not everyone likes watching videos.

    • DCGX says:

      It’s a lot of work to transcribe a video. Do what most people do, and listen to it in the background while doing other things. I listen to a lot of podcasts this way while working.

    • Barry says:

      As DCGX mentioned, transcribing videos is a lot of work, and in the case of these “best of” and “worst” videos we don’t want to include our picks in the article text as it dissuades people from watching to learn our pick reveals and reasoning. All other SEGA News Bits videos, however, are further discussion of news already posted to the site. So if you don’t want to watch the video, the website should have a news story with the news minus our commentary. Also, as mentioned, all our content doubles as audio-only, so you don’t need to see the video to follow along.

  2. *Chuckle*
    How great, Super Monkey Ball BB HD and Team Sonic Racing are the only Sega games I acquired in 2019.
    It’s okay though, I still love them, lol.

  3. anon says:

    Team Sonic Racing is the most disappointing game hands down, after Transformed the hype was high but the game turned out anemic and devoid of variety. Team mechanics don’t work unless you’re matched with people of equal skill, because the AI sure can’t keep up with you even on the highest difficulty. Multiplayer died days after release.
    Also the one time Sega gets a free pass to oversaturate a game with Sonic characters, they don’t. WHy is Zavok not in his own team? Where’s team Chaotix? So many missed opportunities for fanservice.
    It’s a rushed game that doesn’t live up to either of its predecessors. Effort went only into designing new tracks and cars and absolutely nothing else. They didn’t even bother giving Omega a different driving animation, he’s holding the wheel of his car even though there is no wheel because HE is the car.

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