SEGA Talk Podcast #35: Gunstar Heroes (1993)

We reopen the Treasure chest and check out another gem from the studio we all love (that being Treasure, if you didn’t get the earlier reference). This time it’s Gunstar Heroes! Learn about how the game’s title came to be, where the franchise went after the initial Mega Drive release, the technical ins and outs of the game, and more!

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One response to “SEGA Talk Podcast #35: Gunstar Heroes (1993)

  1. Gunstar Hero says:

    Check the site for obvious reasons, its ok.
    Decided to listen to the pod for once because I mean its Gunstar Heroes come on.

    Its just funny to hear people, its not just you, talk about videogames who werent even there when it happened, to drive these games on to become legendary.

    Its all in context I suppose.

    It was a game you thought youd been playing, all those titles, all those years, was just in your head until Gunstar became a reality.

    Definitive as Tetris, Super Mario or Street Fighter 2.

    Castlevania SotN is the only other true pure videogame that has had that sort of impact when it was released.

    FF7, I wouldnt be against it.

    A milestone. A landmark. Monumental. Thats Gunstar Heroes.

    Like I said, in context. Guess youd have to have been into the hobby back since NES debuted in a way that Youtubers try to justify or legitimize their credibility by owning massive rooms filled with “rare” games in boxes but dont even know what they are talking about.

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