Catherine: Full Body rated for Nintendo Switch in South Korea

If you have been waiting for more Atlus goodness on the Nintendo Switch, we might be getting Catherine: Full Body since it was rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee in South Korea. This is pretty big considering that SEGA and Atlus released ‘Catherine: Classic‘ on PC, while the updated Catherine: Full Body was only on PlayStation 4. It seems it won’t be exclusive for long.

According to the listing it was submitted on January 16, 2020 and finalized on January 22, 2020. Unsurprising the game got a 18+ there. It will be interesting to see if Atlus adds new content to this version of Catherine: Full Body, but we shall see.

This also fits with a survey that Atlus ran for Japan where they asked fans if wanted Catherine: Full Body on Nintendo Switch.

[Source: Siliconera]


2 responses to “Catherine: Full Body rated for Nintendo Switch in South Korea

  1. Rezapoc says:

    I still find it a dissapointment that it never arrived on the Vita in the west as that console has the best dpad on any machine since the Saturn. It was perfect and would have been great to experience full body on…


    No PC version yet…

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