Phantasy Star Online 2 PC release window revealed, Xbox One cross-play confirmed

Phantasy Star Online 2 has had its Xbox One open beta going on for almost a month, and now we have news of when PC players can expect to start playing the western localization of the game. PSO2 is set for a North American PC launch of “late May” 2020, exclusively on the Microsoft Store. It has also been confirmed that there will be cross-play between Xbox One and PC players on day one of the PC release.

No information has been given about a Steam release, but once we hear something we’ll be sure to news it!

[Source: Forbes]


9 responses to “Phantasy Star Online 2 PC release window revealed, Xbox One cross-play confirmed

  1. antelope says:

    Beating a dead horse here at this point but I find it very annoying that despite this release being at least 7 years late, they still made it exclusive to Microsoft’s walled garden, require paid subscription if played on Xbox AND made it easily available only to NA customers while everyone else has to do forbidden rituals to download the game. The game isn’t even region locked so why in the world do they insist on making it difficult. Isn’t it bad enough to require people to buy an Xbox or a Windows 10 PC just to play some 2nd rate anime game made to milk money out of starved weebs?

    • Centrale says:

      Huh? You don’t have to buy an Xbox or Windows 10 PC to play Final Fantasy. Have a great day!

    • antelope says:

      You, too, my good man. Thank you for this incredibly insightful comment. Who would’ve thought to just play something else. I never would have figured that without your help. Kudos to you, my friend! I will be sure to repost this so others can benefit from your superior knowledge of gaming and technology. I wish more people were as helpful and courteous as you are. The world would truly be a better place for all of us if everyone just helped each other by openly sharing their knowledge in a meaningful way like you just did. You can rest knowing that your comment has really made a positive impact on this planet. Thanks again!

    • Centrale says:

      Oh, you’re ever so welcome, my fine upstanding contributor to the global pool of knowledge. Every day, I wake with the hope that someone as bright, articulate and intelligent as you will come along and wax poetic about all the ways that the manufacturers of consumer luxury items have disappointed you and made you so angry that you feel compelled to craft an astute critique for all the world to see… it’s nothing less than your eternal legacy, and fittingly so. In many ways, it’s the most apt expression of the entirety of the evolution of all intelligent life, to see someone like you leaving your enlightening prose in any available comment field you can find. It doesn’t matter of the accompanying article is a mere two- or three-sentence description of a simple release date announcement, because, miraculously, the vitriolic diatribe will spill forth from your dancing fingertips, providing the kind of meaning and context that everyone is hoping to see when they browse through the grand collection of human knowledge that is the internet. Let there be no doubt that every last one of us truly, deeply cares that you feel personally screwed over by Sega. It’s a beautiful day to be alive.

    • antelope says:

      You didn’t even notice how hard you got baited 🙂

    • Centrale says:

      I noticed, just blowing off some lockdown steam. My original joke sailed over your head, though.

  2. onestar says:

    I’ll never understand those who complain when something isn’t on STEAM. It still works on you computer. It’s not like you can’t play it.

    • antelope says:

      Does it work on Windows 7? No
      Does it work on Windows 8? No
      Does it work on Windows 8.1? No
      Does it have a chance of working on Linux the way a game released on Steam or literally any other platform would (using 3rd party tools)? Almost certainly no.

      Your argument may have worked if this was on Origin or Epic or whatever, but not Microsoft Store which only works on Windows 10. So if you don’t have that you gotta upgrade or get an Xbox. For a 7 years old game that worked fine on Windows XP when it was first released. Whoops!

  3. Late May this year will be released, I look forward to testing it.

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