Limited Run Games adds Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack CD to existing orders

There has been a bit of a kerfuffle going on with the physical release of Streets of Rage 4. We haven’t been covering it, but with a recent update from Limited Run Games I thought it was worth writing about. In March, Limited Run Games announced physical editions of Streets of Rage 4 for North America (with international shipping) in standard, classic and limited collector’s editions. Shortly after the pre-order window closed, Merge Games announced they too would have a North American physical release of the game, at a lower price with its own exclusive bonus items and releasing earlier than the Limited Run Games releases.

Suffice to say, customers were upset. Dotemu has since come forward, taking the blame and citing “mistakes in planning”:

To remedy the situation, buyers of the limited collector’s edition have received free Steam keys of the game and all Limited Run Games buyers will receive a 15 track soundtrack CD featuring an exclusive remix from Tee Lopes. Limited Run Games has clarified, via Twitter, that while the soundtrack CD in the collector’s edition is all inclusive, the new soundtrack CD will only feature Japanese composers and is the only soundtrack to include the Tee Lopes remix. Limited Run Games has since told us “…this is a unique CD – the Tee Lopes’ track is only available here. We worked with BraveWave directly to put this together late last week and the track was commissioned as part of this release.”


9 responses to “Limited Run Games adds Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack CD to existing orders

  1. me says:

    So… why is this news on a Sega blog? The game is neither developed nor published by Sega. It’s not a Sega game. Nobody considers Revenge of Shinobi a Spiderman game even though it has the Spiderman copyright on the title screen.
    And, of course, Tee Lopes has to be shoehorned in with his trumpet filled generic sounding music. Figures.

    • cube_b3 says:

      Sorry, Pal. But Streets of Rage is as important as Bayonetta 3, Shenmue 3 or Panzer Dragoon Remake. SegaBits covers games that Sega owns the license to. Had Sega owned the Spider-Man IP, I as a former writer I would have covered Spider-Man.

    • Nic-Noc says:

      Sega owns the IP.

      And they should have published this physically along with Panzer Dragoon and Project Diva Mega39s.
      All missed opportunities in my book and yet they thought Super Monkey Ball should be physical.

    • Sandré says:

      If you start up this game, it literally says Dotemu in association with Sega.

      Sega Twitch plays this game non stop. Last 7 streams were Streets of Rage streams, last 5 streams were all Streets of Rage 4 streams.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Was not aware of merge games physical edition. Interesting.
    I really wish SOR4 had a remix/rendition of the original theme from the trilogy.

  3. Markos says:

    It is a shame SOR 4 is not being released for Dreamcast! You guys dont believe we have to make a massive petition to SEGA ?

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